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Youth Ministry

The second Sunday of every month we have our special youth ministry meeting.  While it is intended for youth all are welcome, both the young and the young at heart.  To see more information about the Youth Ministry Meeting, past speakers and upcoming meetings you can click here. Messages from previous months are available for listening or downloading below. 

March 2017 - Paul Marisette


April 10 - Brian Kember

Brian Kember was with us for the day on April 10th and he gave us an excellent look at the first two chapter of Philippians. This particular youth message is based out of Philippians 2 whereas the first message can be found in Sunday afternoon ministry.

Brian Kember

February 14 - ANDREW ussher

Tonight we enjoyed hearing our local brother Andrew Ussher answer a difficult question from the perspective of a believer, "Why does a good and perfect God allow pain and sorrow and suffering in our world today?" This is a very deep topic that not only deals with sin and man's failures, but God's character and his future plan for us. This message can be listened to or downloaded below 

Andrew Ussher

NOVEMBER 8 -  Andrew Robertson

Tonight we enjoyed hearing our visiting brother Andrew Robertson cover the sensitive topic of sexual purity. With the help of the Lord, he faithfully brought to our attention the devils efforts to distort God's purposes, and how we as christians can still carry them out for his honour and glory. 

Andrew Robertson

October 11 - Bryan Joyce

Bryan Joyce was with us for the young people's meeting and spoke to us about lessons from Isaiah 6. We learned about the importance of being in awe of God, holy like God, and responsive to the call of God. You can listen or download below.


September 13 - Stephen Vance

Stephen Vance shared some very valuable insights with us relative to the importance of identity. He shared with us the value of realizing that we are loved, and have been adopted into the family of God. He also showed us how this standing gives us an incredible equality in the eyes of God and frees us from the need to compare to others. You can listen or download below.


April 12 - Bryan Kember

Bryan joined us all day and shared with us many different lessons from the book of Ephesians. His enthusiasm and passion demonstrated both a love for the audience and for God's word. He shared with the young (and young at heart) about the powerful messages of identity found in Ephesians. Specifically, he encouraged us to develop consistency between what we are in Christ and how we behave in practice. You can listen or download below.


March 8 - Stephen Vance

Stephen Vance was with us for the day on Sunday and shared many truths from God's word. In the evening Young People's Stephen took up a topic that is seldom discussed yet very important, singleness. There are many who experience various aspects of singleness and perhaps struggle with it when so much of assembly life is centred around families. Stephen boldly entered into the topic and shared the biblical perspective of singleness. You can listen below or download.  


February 8 - Vince Giraldi

We are always delighted to hear from our local brother Vince Giraldi. His kindness and genuine care are evident every time he takes the platform. His message to the young people was exceptional and has been added below for your enjoyment. You can download the message or stream it below. 


January 11 - Andrew Ussher

Our local brother, and one of our elders, Andrew Ussher spoke to us this Sunday. He challenged us and encouraged us with a look at the topic of money. The title for the session was "Serving God or Money - we can't do both!". The message both challenging and encouraging. The audio is available for downloading and streaming below as well as the notes and powerpoint slides. Should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us! 

Audio                      Notes                           Powerpoint

December 21 - Paul Marisette 

We had the privilege of having our local brother Paul Marisette to speak for us this past week at young peoples. He reminded us of the danger of complacency in the christian life and the power of the reality of scripture. To listen to the message or download simply click download or play below. 


November 16 - Burt Snippe

Mr. Snippe was with us for the day and provided us with an excellent look at modesty. He demonstrated the importance of modesty in life to the many young people who were in attendance. To listen to the message or download simply click download or play below. 


October 14 - Jim Beattie

Mr. Beattie was with us for the day and provided the young people (and the young at heart) with an intriguing look into God's word. The message is available for download or audio streaming below. 


June 2014 - David Booth

Mr. Booth challenged us all to give our entire lives and beings to the Lord Jesus. He challenged us to not simply spend time talking about living for God but actually get out and doing it. He also showed how the only way we will ever accomplish anything for God is by his strength and not our own. You can listen below or click download to save the message to your computer. 


May 2014 - Frank Sona

Brother Frank Sona was with the assembly for the day on Sunday May 18th and took the Young People's ministry that night.  His message focused on "A Compass for Life" and talked about four "ways" the Word of God describes for us that we can take as the Lord's people.  Listen to the challenging teaching below, or download by clicking on the link shown.


March 2014 - Dr. Lindsay Parks

Dr. Lindsay Parks was with us for the day on March 16th. He spoke to the young people about the importance of the decisions that we face in life and the effects that those can have on the rest of our lives. We are free to make choices however we are not free from the consequences of those choices.