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Youth Bible Study

We are thankful for the large number of young people that are a part of Langstaff. Maybe you are a member, maybe you are a guest, maybe just a friend of a member, in any case we love you and care for you. Our desire is that you would become an integral part of Langstaff and contribute to our goal of bringing glory to the Lord Jesus Chris here on earth. We have a number of different activities that go on throughout the week. Scroll down to see upcoming, and ongoing events. 

Saturday nights


Enjoy your vacation! We are taking a break for the summer months. In September we will be reconvening the Youth Bible Studies and we encourage feedback with regards to material or format. If you could contact us with any suggestions that you have we would love to take them into consideration! Past studies are still available below for your review. 


Past Studies

The third and final session with regards to the Holy Spirit was concerning spiritual gifts. Gifts is a subject that has been cause for much debate, division, and disagreement. However, in our study of the gifts we found that them to be unifying and encouraging. The outline is available below. 

The Holy Spirit Pt. 3

The personal work of the Holy Spirit is something that we all need in our lives. He was at work in salvation, he is at work in sanctification, and we desperately need to be more aware of His dealings and submissive to His leadings. On March 30th Paul Ussher took us through a study of the Holy Spirit and His personal ministry. In particular the baptism, indwelling, and fruit of the Spirit. The outline is available below 

The Holy Spirit Pt. 2

There is no denying that the age we are living in is distinct from most of history. The internet presents tremendous opportunities for us as well as many different pitfalls. While some try to pretend it is all evil and should be avoided, there is the equal danger of ignoring the obvious dangers that the internet presents. In the session on Sun Feb 16 Peter Ramsay dealt with the "negative" side of this issue, warning about the potential pitfalls involved in our "connected" world.  In the second session on Mar. 2 Peter led a discussion on the "positive" side of the issue - looking at the unique opportunities we have as believers today to pursue holiness and godliness in the information age. Below you can find the outlines for both weeks. The outline labeled part 1 is for the study on Feb. 16, part 2 is in reference to March 2nd. 

Information Age Pt. 1                       Information Age Pt. 2

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity. Thoughts, ideas, and understandings of the Holy Spirit vary widely. There are those who view the Holy Spirit as nothing more than an impersonal force, there are others who seem to worship the Holy Spirit at the expense of remembering the Lord. Our goal is to take a Biblical look at the Holy Spirit. How can we be sure that He is a divine Person and not an impersonal force? What was His presence in the Old Testament? What was His role in the New Testament? The outline is available for download with the link below.

Holy Spirit Outline

Baptism! Have you been baptized? Why or why not? We took a look at baptism and learned a little about why it is so important, what it represents, who it is for, and what it should look like. If you missed the study you can download the outline below, and if you have any questions about the topic or the study please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Baptism Handout

Over the past few years we have had many youth Bible studies. The feedback has been positive and many have learned. Recently we took a look at a simplified timeline of end-time prophecy. Rather than watching sci-fi movies about the apocalypse we decided to see what the Bible had to say about future events. Below is the handout and chart that we used for the study. 

Future Events Handout                                           Future Events Chart

Prior to our look at future events, we also took a look at discipleship. We tried to answer this question: "Am I a disciple of the Lord?" It was a very searching area of truth from the New Testament and it was challenging to all who were there. Below is the handout. 

Discipleship Handout