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Monthly Blog

September 8. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Well school is officially back in session and the routine is back. Summer vacations have ended and life is back to some form of normal. This means a number of things for us at Langstaff. Perhaps you are saddened by the change in season. As we move from summer into fall the prospect of cold weather becomes more real. However, although bears may go into hibernation Langstaff does not. We have a lot planned and this coming week is no exception. 

Sunday School

Next Sunday the children will be returning to their various Sunday school classes. We are thankful to the teachers who have planned, prayed, and prepared to teach all of the young ones. Sunday School presents a great opportunity for you to bring your children out to learn about Jesus Christ and his word. It also presents and excellent way for you to reach out to your neighbours and contacts to invite their children out to the Sunday School. 

1 Timothy

Our study of 1 Timothy continues. I believe all who have been attending would agree that so far it has been an excellent learning experience. We are grateful to those who teach and pray that we will be able to change our lives as a result of what we learn. This week we will continue with the question and answer format that was used last week. There were a few questions that were left unanswered that will be addressed this week. 

Kids Club

Tuesday September 23 will be the first Kids Club of the year. So why announce it so early? Well firstly so that you can make sure that you reserve Tuesday evening on your calendar. However secondly because we still don't have a school. The school that was being used to hold the Kids Club is under renovations and therefore cannot rent us the gym. We are searching for a new location however should one not be found the Kids Club will be held in the hall. All are welcome to come and invite any neighbours and friends to come along. It is free and it is fun!

Prayer Requests

  • Lois Marisette and her recovery from Knee Replacement surgery 
  • Andrew Joyce and Steve Walker in their continued recoveries
  • The search for a Kids Club location
  • Salvation and Growth
  • For us all to walk in humility and dependence on the Lord