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Monthly Blog

September 29. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

God has graciously allowed us to begin another week here at Langstaff. We are looking forward to what will be going on this week. The reality is that the activities that go on are far less important than the individuals that are affected. Maybe you come to the activities, but where is your heart? This week in the middle of all your activity meditate and make sure you aren't just serving God physically but loving him emotionally. With that said there are a number of upcoming activities this week. 

1 Timothy Returns

After a one week break we will be back into 1 Timothy this wednesday night. More information about that can be found here. We will be diving into the 5th chapter of the book and Vince Giraldi will be leading us through it. We look forward to this time of learning, growth, and challenge. All are welcome to join us at 7:15pm on Wednesday night!

Friday Night Gym Night

This friday night will be the second Friday Night Gym Night for high school aged children and older. All who are in grade 9 or above are welcome to come out for a great night of sports, singing, and a short sermon. Those who come have always had a great time. If you have children in that age group encourage them to come and join us at the Blue Willow public school from 8:15-10:15pm. 

Hymn Writing

Michael had a great message this Sunday about the history of some of our favourite hymns. Looking to the past and seeing the wonderful way in which God has used hymns should motivate us to continue to be instruments for his use. Let's all take time to attempt to write hymns and email them to You can find all uploaded hymns in the members section. If you prefer to submit anonymously simply indicate that in your email submission. 

Other Announcements

  • Authentic Christianity youth seminar Oct. 18
  • Pray for the salvation of those around and connected to us
  • Pray for those who are suffering, both around us and abroad