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Monthly Blog

September 1. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Labour Day. Time for us to take a well deserved day of rest. Contrary to what the labour unions may want you to think the day of rest concept wasn't really their idea. It actually is an idea as old as the earth it self .... on the seventh day God rested. As you enjoy your day of rest take a few minutes to keep reading about what will be going on for the rest of the week at Langstaff. 

Teaching Series Continues

We are at the half-way mark of our summer teaching series. It has been encouraging to see all who have been attending. I think we can safely say that it has been a benefit to us all. For those who haven't been able to make it, this Wednesday presents another great opportunity for you to attend. We will be taking a break from the chapter by chapter exposition to answer some questions. If you have questions from the first 4 weeks of the series you can submit them here. Andrew, Mike, and Vince will all be answering questions. 

Back to school

The day has finally arrived. With nervous excitement children are getting ready to head back to school and parents are getting excited to finally have some free time. School is starting back up and that means more activities will be happening around Langstaff. While this week we don't have those activities you can start looking forward to kids club starting up as well as activities for teenagers and young adults. Stay tuned for details about these events in the coming weeks. 

Prayer Requests

  • Ben Joyce as he heads to Colorado for a 3 month Bible school exchange
  • Andrew Joyce and Steve Walker in their continued recovery
  • Rachel Joyce and Anne Holinshead who are struggling with back pain
  • For all the children going back to school and the challenges, temptations, and opportunities that are provided there. 
  • For God to work in us and through us. That we would bring glory to Jesus Christ.