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Monthly Blog

October 6. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

For those who were with us yesterday we enjoyed having Mr. Norman Lormer with us for the day. Along with his profitable ministry here are a number of other things exciting that are currently going on at Langstaff!

Huntsville Gospel Series

Our brother Brian Joyce is currently helping in a gospel series in Huntsville with Burt Snippe. One man has professed to have accepted Christ, and so please pray that the Lord will continue to give help and that they will see more blessing in souls being reached and saved. 

1 Timothy

We will be continuing our weekly teaching series in 1 Timothy 6. Please send in your questions for chapters four, five and six, so that our brothers can start to prepare for the question and answer session.  Looking into the future, we are planning to return to our regular Bible study format and we will be looking at 2 Timothy. Questions can be submitted by clicking here

Yuma Gospel Campaign

Please pray for John Clingen and Kyle Wilson as they start a gospel series in Yuma, Arizona. They have put in a lot of work to invite those in the area by putting up billboards, sending out invitations and speaking to their contacts. Please pray that they will be encouraged and that they will see an interest and that souls will be saved. 

Prayer Requests

  • Andrew Ussher- travelling to Mexico to do a four day series and then to Yuma to visit the Clingens and Harveys
  • Paul Ussher- travelling to Nicaragua on Thursday to visit Mark and Brenda Bacheart for a week
  •  Richmond Hill Kids Club and the Friday Gym Night
  • Those who are sick or suffering around us