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Monthly Blog


Langstaff Gospel Hall


September is always a month of beginnings. Kids are back to school, students are coming and going to university, and some of us carry on with our regular routine. We had a number of events going on at Langstaff this September along with many things starting up as well! 


It is not every year we have our picnic in early September but due to weather it was postponed until then. It was one of the colder ones we have had in many years but that didn't prevent it from being a good time of community together. We enjoyed everything from balancing a cookie on our faces, to finding out interesting facts about members of Langstaff, to a three-legged race. We also got to hear a great gospel message from Vince Giraldi which caused a few laughs as well. 

Langstaff Group Picture.jpg


Kids club started this past month on the 22nd! It is great to be back running Kids Club again. We had 20+ kids come out the first week and we should be getting a little more each week. We are extremely thankful for another opportunity to have fun with the kids playing sports, making crafts and teaching them valuable lessons from the Bible. 




Pray for us as we continue for the next couple months in this endeavour. 




Just as our kids club has come back into session so have our Friday night gym nights. With just under 20 high school age teens coming out both on the 25th and 2nd it was a great way to start our gym night that will continue all throughout the school year. 



We had the privilege of having Stephen Vance with us for the day and we were really thankful to have him. He also took the first young peoples ministry of the season to start us off. He spoke on identity in Christ and equality among christians. If you missed the message you can check it out here


The days are getting colder and we are all getting back into our routine. This month includes birthdays for some, special memories for others but for us all it includes Thanksgiving. A time where we can all pause and be thankful for the luxury, freedom and blessing we live in. What better time than this month to be thankful for one who gave up everything so that we could be saved; our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Hopefully we can all take time especially this month to be thankful. Look below for other things going on this month! 


Now this has nothing to do the upcoming Canadian election but our brother Stephen Harper from Malawi will be with us this Thursday Oct 8th for ministry. There will be no Bible Reading on Wednesday night but that will be replaced this week by ministry from Stephen Harper on Thursday. 


We will have our monthly young peoples ministry on Sunday the 11th of October (next Sunday) at 8:00 pm. Our good friend and brother Bryan Joyce will be with us to speak for that meeting. 


There will be two youth bible studies this month. On Oct. 17th at 7:00 pm Vince Geraldi will be taking up the topic of "Relationships" focusing on the idea of dating. On Oct. 31st Paul Ussher will be taking up the first session in our series on "The Gospel". He will talking about our motives in sharing it with others. We hope to see you there! 

We hope that this is a help to all who read this! We are thankful for an amazing month that God has given us and we look forward to sharing a month ahead together.