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Monthly Blog


Langstaff Gospel Hall

October Past

We were very fortunate to have an amazing month not just of weather but of good fellowship together. There is something about the time around thanksgiving when we take the opportunity to stop, look around and be thankful for all that we have. Some of those things being each other. Thankful for good friendships but more than that, a relationship that we are able to have with the God of this universe. 

Youth Bible Study

Our youth bible study consisted of two sessions on dating this past month. We are super thankful to have our brothers Mike and Vince who were willing to take those sessions. These sessions were very interactive and we were able to learn lots about what it looks like to date while honouring the Lord at the same time. 

Faiths Firm Foundation 

A couple of weeks ago we started our new teaching series at Langstaff! The theme of this series is Faiths Firm Foundation. The purpose of this series is to go through the main themes throughout the gospel to remind us of the greatness of our God and his gospel. Two weeks ago Andrew Ussher went through an overview of the whole series and the audio and powerpoint can be accessed here. Last week Paul Ussher reminded us and encouraged us with the first topic of the series, God and His Glory. Audio and powerpoint for that message can be found here


November to come! 

November. A month where Christmas fanatics start playing christmas music, people who should never grow moustaches attempt to do so, and winter starts to creep in. More than that though, it is a month to remember. On the 11th day of this month we take time to remember those who fought and died so that we might have freedom. What a time to also focus on remembering our glorious saviour who died so we could be free from sin! 

Youth Bible Study

Sometimes sharing the gospel with those around us is so hard. We understand that we should do it but we rarely do. This month we will be having a special series with the youth on "Sharing the Gospel". Paul Ussher starting us off last week as he talked about what the gospel is and what should motivate us to share it. Next week Sam Moore will be taking up how we share the gospel with others with some practical tips. The final session of the series will be an outreach where we hopefully see this teaching put into practice and we are able to see our friends come and here the great gospel message. Pray for this effort! 

Faiths Firm Foundation

The series continues throughout this whole month with with Peter Lansing and Mike DaSilva taking up the following topics: A Scriptural Perspective on Mankind, Christ and his Provision, and Salvation and its Scope. We are excited for this series continue! Hope to see you all there! 

Young Peoples Ministry 

We will be having our monthly ministry meeting next Sunday and we will have our brother Andrew Robertson with us for the day and for this meeting starting at 8pm Sunday Nov. 8th. Pray for him and the meeting! 

Ongoing Outreach! 

Both our Friday night gym night and our Tuesday night Kids Club are still ongoing with consistent and growing numbers. Praise God! Your prayer and support for these efforts is much appreciated! 

We thank you all for this past month and we look forward to this month ahead. We appreciate each one of you and hope you have a blessed month. May God work in all of our hearts to make us more like his son this month!