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May 26. This week at Langstaff

Monthly Blog

May 26. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Summer has arrived. Or at least so it would appear, the warm weather, longer days, and green grass have made us all a little happier and allowed for some new activities at Langstaff. This past Thursday afternoon a few of the young people (and even some not so young) got together to play some ball hockey in the parking lot. A good time was had by all. Lest you think that it is only fun and games going on, some of the other events from the past week, and upcoming events are listed below. 

Dr. Clark Logan

As many will know we had Dr. Clark Logan with us this past Wednesday evening for ministry. His sermon is available for download here. It was a message that possessed not only great content but a warm and enjoyable delivery. Mr. Logan flew out yesterday (Monday) to head back to Ireland, and then later back to Botswana. It would be good to pray for the work there in that country as he and his wife continue to work for the Lord there. Also, remember to pray, as he asked us, for his wife’s health as she struggles with a chronic condition.

Stephen Harper

This past Sunday we had Stephen Harper with us for the day and heard him in ministry in the afternoon, then at night he and Sam Moore shared in the gospel.

Summer Teaching Series

Summer brings with it many great things; warm weather, trips to the cottage, longer days, enjoyable evenings, BBQs, and campfires. Yet greater than all of those things is the chance to continue to study the Bible. As previously announced, we are planning a summer teaching series on Wednesday nights on the book of 1 Timothy. Instead of the normal Bible Study we will have teaching by Andrew Ussher, Michael Da Silva, and Vince Giraldi. The start time for these meetings, though, has been pushed back one month to the start of August – with the first meeting on Wed Aug 6th and the series running for nine weeks and ending on Wed Oct 1st.   You should start praying now and read 1 Timothy before summer arrives.

Bible Study

This Wednesday we will be continuing our study of Mark 15. Bible studies are often times where much of the benefit is gained before you arrive at the study. If you find the time it would be good to sit down and read over the chapter a few times. Don't forget that the meeting is at the earlier time of 7:15. 


  • Don't forget about Sunday School Picnic on Saturday, June 28
  • John and Joanne clingen will be with us next Sunday (June 1). They are presently driving up from Yuma over the next few days. Pray for safe travels. 
  • Please read and respond to the communication from the overseers seeking input and ideas on future assembly gospel outreach efforts
  •  Please pray for our sister Ann Hollinshead who continues to recover very slowly from her back difficulties
  • Please pray for our brother Ivan Reid who also continues a very slow recovery from cracked ribs and is in continual pain