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Monthly Blog

May 19. This Week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

This past week was largely one of rest and relaxation for the members of Langstaff. As we recovered from hosting our conference, and assisting in the Toronto conference, it was a week that was a little quieter than those that preceded it. It was nice to get back to a normal Bible study on Wednesday evening, and yesterday we greatly enjoyed having Frank Sona with us. This coming week we have a visiting speaker on Wednesday night and again next Sunday (details below).  Also detailed below are some updates on other recent happenings.


As many are likely aware, two of our younger members (Paul Ussher and Sam Moore) recently travelled to visit the work in Nicaragua. They both spent a year there from Sept 2012 to Aug 2013, and were both recently able to get back for a short visit to follow up with some of the contacts that they had. They lived with Mark and Brenda Bachert and worked in and around the capital city, Managua. While as yet the work has not been formalized into a local church there are a good number of people who attend regularly to the meetings. In fact while there Sam was a part of the baptism of 8 of the people who have recently come to know Christ. Since Langstaff has been very supportive of the work, you can see a few pictures here, and are encouraged to continue praying for the work down in Nicaragua. If you have questions about the work there feel free to talk to Paul or Sam. 

Dr. Clark Logan Wednesday Night

This Wednesday night we will have our brother Dr. Clark Logan visiting us. Please remember that the meeting will be starting at the new time of 7:15pm. Dr. Logan was with us for the conference and his messages were very profitable and heart-stirring. If you happened to be down in the kitchen, out in the tent, or simply skipping meeting you can listen to those messages here. We are looking forward to his teaching on Wednesday night. 

 Irving's miraculous hair growth!

Irving's miraculous hair growth!

Sunday School Picnic

You will doubtless be reminded of this many times in the coming weeks but mark off June 28th in your calendar. That will be the Sunday School Picnic. The picnic has always been a great time of fun, friendship and fellowship. In fact, in the photo above you can see our brother Irving having so much fun at a previous year's picnic that his hair came back. While we can't promise you will experience hair growth like his you can certainly come enjoy the time together with us at Bruce's Mills Conservation Area. More details about this will be made available closer to the time. 


  • Next Sunday we will have Stephen Harper visiting with us for the day
  • Thank you letters from John & Joanne Clingen and Dan & Joan Harvey have been uploaded to the members section of the website
  • All audio from Missionary Conference has been uploaded and is available for listening