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Monthly Blog

Whats Happening at Langstaff - May 4

Langstaff Oversight

We were reminded this Sunday afternoon by our brother Sam Moore about finding contentment and satisfaction in our Lord and Saviour. He reminded us of how our satisfaction should not come from our service, but that our service should be a result of our contentment in Christ. So with Missionary Conference just a week away, may we all with our hearts and our eyes focus on Christ come together to serve and glorify him!

  • This Wednesday evening beginning at 7:00 we will have set-up at the hall, in place of our weekly prayer meeting and Bible Study. For as many that are able, please try to come and help. As they say, “many hands make light work”, and the fellowship with others as we work together is always profitable.
  • Running a conference comes with many responsibilities as an assembly. One of these is accommodation for our visitors. Irving Payne is responsible for organizing accommodation for those that do not have any arranged. Please contact him if you have any room available, wether it is bedrooms for a family, or floor space for some young people, anything and everything is appreciated!
  • Please remember this conference in your prayers. The missionaries and their families will be travelling here this week, as well as many visitors so lets remember them all in our prayers. We can also pray for the messages that these men will be giving and for those that will be listening to them.
  • For any that have not attended the Langstaff Missionary Conference in the past and are interested, you are more than welcome. You can find more information about the weekend on the “missionary conference” section.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the “Contact Us” section of the website.
  • Please remember the Ministry and Prayer meeting on Friday night at 7:30pm. The speaker will be Mr. Jack Gould and this will mark the first meeting of the conference.
  • All sisters are welcome to a wedding shower for Kaitlynn Payne on May 22nd at the Ussher’s home at 7pm. Please contact any of the Ussher women to RSVP or if you have any questions. There will be refreshments served after she opens her gifts. She is registered at The Bay.