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Monthly Blog

June 9. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Summer has arrived and this is certainly evidenced by the increasing number of activities. This week was marked by lots of activity, both indoors and outdoors. 


Many came out for a great game of baseball on Saturday afternoon. While we don't think that there are any future major league players among us, we did all have a great time! There were even some who came simply to observe, and we charge a lot less than the Blue Jays!  If you are interested in playing or just coming to watch let us know and we can fill you in with those details!

Clingen Family 

We had the Clingen family with us and we really enjoyed their visit. John was kind enough to share with us a report of their activities over the past year or so and that is available here.  The Clingen family safely made it back to Yuma on Saturday after the 40 hour drive from Toronto. They are continuing to work there and appreciate our prayers. If you are praying for them it is always nice to let them know that by dropping a quick note of encouragement. 

Bethany Lodge

A big thank you goes out to all who came to help at Bethany Lodge with the landscaping on Thursday evening. A tremendous amount of mulch was spread around the property and the seniors are now living in well landscaped style. The residents there appreciate both the work that was done and the energy and encouragement that you all provided. Thanks again to all for their help with that effort. 


  • Bible study continues this week in Mark 15
  • David Booth will be joining us next weekend for the day (including Young People's)
  • Bryan Joyce is speaking in tent meetings at Unionville nightly at 7:30pm