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Monthly Blog

June 30. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Happy Canada day to all! This week is one of celebration and Langstaff is thankful for the country that we call home. While it is true that we have a love and a care for the whole world, we love Canada, we love Canadians, and we would love to see more Canadians come to know the Lord Jesus. Aside from celebrating our country, there are a few other things going on this week. 

Andrew Ussher's Ministry

Andrew Ussher ministered to us on Sunday afternoon and his ministry is available for download or streaming here. Andrew discussed local church truth, and it would be a great investment of your time to listen to the message. The message was timely, helpful, and scriptural.

Sunday School Picnic

Perhaps the highlight of this past week was the sunday school picnic. Many came out for a great time at Bruce's Mill. From start to finish the event was a resounding success. Whether it was the excellent food, or the entertaining message; the engaging games or exciting sports everyone had a good time. Some pictures are over to your right. 

Young Peoples Events

We are currently in the process of planning and praying about young people's events for the upcoming school year. We are looking for input and so if you have any input as to format, topic, or timing of young people's events please send your input to We appreciate any input as ultimately we want to see growth and gospel transformation in the lives of the young people at Langstaff. Parents' if you have something you think would be helpful for your children to learn feel free to send in those suggestions as well. 


There are no major announcements for this week. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to click here and let us know.