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Monthly Blog

June 23. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Young, old, and admittedly middle aged. At Langstaff we are blessed to have people from multiple generations that make up our membership. The passion and energy of youth, and wisdom of age. Due to the diverse range of ages we have a diverse range of activities and this week was no exception. 

Singing at Bethany 

As was mentioned above, Langstaff is blessed with a rich history of past generations. Many of the older Christians now reside in Bethany lodge, a Christian senior residence. Once a month we head over to sing with the seniors and share a devotional thought with them. This month Michael Da Silva Jr. shared a message and there were a good number there to sing. The seniors greatly appreciate the visit, the time, and the joy and energy that is brought. You can see some pictures of the singing to the right. 

Sunday School Picnic!

The day has finally come. I'm sure many have been waiting with anticipation for the annual sunday school picnic to arrive. This Saturday will be the annual Sunday School picnic starting at noon at Bruce's Mill. There are two requests that have been made. 

  • there is no sign up required but if you're willing and able to bring a dessert please do....there will be plenty of people willing and able to eat
  • if you have a baby photo of yourself please give it to Carol on wednesday or email it to her at These will be used for a game at the picnic. 
  • If you need directions or more information feel free to simply click here and fill in the form.

Mark 15 

In our weekly Bible study we are continuing to study Mark chapter 15. One could reasonably say that the cross represents the climax of all of God's plans. All of the themes of the Bible find their apex at the death of our Lord Jesus. As such there is plenty of good material to discuss, and to hear. All are encouraged to make it out on wednesday at 7:15 to spend time praying to the God of the universe, and learning about the death of Jesus. 


  • Continue to pray for Steve Walker, this is a brother to Craig walker. A blood infection has put him into the ICU. Pray as well for Craig and Rose as they help support the family 
  • Pray for Andrew Joyce who continues to recover from a back injury suffered after being thrown from a horse. 
  • Pray for Anne Hollinshead who continues to suffer with debilitating back pain
  • Pray for Allen McCandless who is really starting to feel the effects of old age
  • Pray for those around who do not know the peace, hope and joy of worshipping and loving Jesus as saviour and Lord.