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Monthly Blog

June 2. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Langstaff is marked by a number of distinct features. It is without question that the focus and centre of all that we do is our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of that mutual focus and love that there are deep friendships and bonds between the members. This Sunday was a great reminder of the blessing of healthy relationships as we were able to celebrate a number of them. 

Mr. Harry Clingen turns 80!

This Sunday was the birthday of Mr. Harry Clingen. Mr. Clingen has been with Langstaff for a very long time. He and his wife, Margaret, have contributed far more to Langstaff then most of us even know. The tireless work, the warm affection, and the tremendous joy that they have shown is a powerful example to us all. To celebrate Mr. Clingen's birthday we had a delicious cake, and even heard a few kind words from Andrew Ussher. It was a joyful occasion and the pictures below should allow for glimpse into that. 

Clingen Family Back for Visit

This week we have with us the Clingen family. The Clingen's live and work down in Yuma, Arizona. They have been serving the Lord there, sharing the gospel with the spanish speaking people of the area. Prior to living in Yuma they were instrumental in seeing an assembly of believers planted in Masaya, Nicaragua. John will be sharing an update with us of their endeavours on Wednesday evening. 


We have received so much that it is only natural for us to give. God has been so gracious to us that the natural response is to give. This giving does not go unnoticed. If you're a member you can go to the members section to see some recent thank-you letters for all your giving. This month we were able to help out a few different families as well as the Bethany Lodge Foundation. We are thankful for the work that so many do, and the least that we can do is support them with our money. However, we should do more than that. Pray for God's people, and those in need. 


The summer teaching series on 1 Timothy, as has been announced earlier, will follow this tentative schedule:

  • Wed Aug. 6 - Introduction & Overview (Andrew Ussher)
  • Wed Aug. 13 - Chapter 1 (Michael Da Silva Jr.)
  • Wed Aug. 20 - Chapter 2 (Vince Giraldi)
  • Wed Aug. 27 - Chapter 3 (Andrew Ussher)
  • Wed Sep. 3 - Summary, Recap, Q&A, Panel Discussion
  • Wed Sep. 10 - Chapter 4 (Michael Da Silva Jr.)
  • Wed Sep. 17 - Chapter 5 (Vince Giraldi)
  • Wed Sep. 23 - Chapter 6 (Andrew Ussher)
  • Wed Sep. 30 - Q&A, Panel Discussion, Conclusion, Wrap-up