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Monthly Blog

June 16. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Father's Day is a wonderful day. At Langstaff we are thankful for all of our fathers. Being a father is such a unique opportunity as it allows us to show, although in an imperfect way, the way that God treats us. Jesus died on the cross to make us family, and those of us who know him as Saviour and Lord can gladly call God our Father. Fathers' day allows us to think not only on our earthly Fathers but also to reflect and appreciate our perfect Father in Heaven. It also provides us an opportunity to tell others about the greatest Father than anyone could have. In addition to Fathers' Day there were other activities this past week and other things coming up. 


Langstaff has recently gotten a Facebook page! A big thanks to Sam Moore for doing this! Undoubtedly many of you are so excited you aren't quite sure what to do at this moment. Lucky for you there is an easy solution. Simply click here and like our Facebook page! After you have liked it be sure to share it with our friends. This is a great tool to introduce others to Langstaff, and allow them to get to know us. Be sure to keep up to date with the page as we introduce pictures, news, and events. 

David Booth 

We had David Booth with us for the day this Sunday. It was great to have him along and his message to the young people on Sunday evening was exceptional. We are pretty elastic in our use of the term young and therefore everyone should listen to the message here. He spoke on the importance and necessity of giving our lives to play a part in Jesus' mission. God is at work and we can choose to just talk about it, or choose to get involved. Mr. Booth implored us to choose the latter. 

Wednesday night 

This past Wednesday night was very enjoyable. The Bible study really took flight when we were graced with a visit from a little feathery friend. As the bird circled overhead some shrank with fear and others smiled with glee. Thankfully the bird did not stay long and we enjoyed a good time with God's word. We will be moving this coming Wednesday into the study of the crucifixion of our Lord. All are welcome at 7:15 to come and spend some time speaking to God in prayer and listening to his voice in the Bible study. 


  • Scott Macleod will be in Eglinton Gospel Hall, Mon - Thurs 7:30pm
  • Unionville Gospel tent meetings, Mon - Fri 7:30pm
  • Prayer Requests
    • Anne Hollinshead continues to struggle with back pain
    • Mr. Allen McCandless is really starting to feel the effects of old age and was unable to make it out this Sunday 
    • Andrew Joyce, a nephew to Andrew Ussher, suffered a back injury after being bucked off a horse. We should pray for his recovery as he is still in hospital and there is a possibility that surgery will be necessary.  
    • Chris Young, a son of John and Sharon, suffered a cycling incident and broke his femur in a number of places. Please pray for him and the family in the long road to recovery ahead.