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Monthly Blog

July 7. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Well for many this week was one of rest. Unfortunately for many this week will mean returning to work and having to work an entire 5 day work week. For some (including the author) this week will be one where we have to remind ourselves to do our work "as unto the Lord".  Below you can find some upcoming activities as well as some pictures from previous events. 


I'm sure many of you have noticed that we have been posting more pictures online, both on here as well as on our Facebook page. We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures and that they provide for good conversation and great memories. That said, if you would prefer not to have your picture, or your children's picture not posted online please let us know. We are happy to accommodate any requests so please don't hesitate to send an email to with any requests or questions.


This week the Langstaff baseball summer series continued. Many came out for a great game. There were some slight adjustments made to the rules and all had a good time. The pictures to the left are for your viewing pleasure. If you weren't able to make it get in touch with Michael Da Silva regarding the next game. All are welcome, regardless of your skill level.

Children's Meetings

We are planning a summer children's outreach from August 18-27. We are still very early in the planning stages of this event but we are looking for help with it. If you are willing/able to lend a hand in helping with this effort please get in touch with Gary Williamson or Peter Lansing. 


  • Continue to pray for Steve Walker (Craig's brother) and give thanks for the measure of recovery that has occurred
  • Continue to pray for Andrew Joyce (Nephew to Andrew Ussher) and his recovery from a back injury
  • Pray for Mrs. Hollinshead, and Mrs. Joyce who both struggle with back pain
  • This coming weekend (July 12) there will be a conference in Clinton Ontario intended for young people. For more information please click here and we will forward you the details.