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July 28. This week at Langstaff

Monthly Blog

July 28. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

This week at Langstaff was quite a fun and eventful week. Summer is finally starting to warm up and we enjoyed some of the nice weather we had this week. Along with the warm weather there is also lots of travel and subsequently some of our members are all over the place. Keep reading to catch up with all that is happening. 

Travel Updates

There are many who have travelled away for vacation and we hope that they are enjoying their time. However a few of our younger members have chosen to use their vacation time to help out in the spreading of the Gospel. James continues in Long Branch however David has left to go Yuma Arizona. He is there along with Catina Payne and a number of other young people. John and Joanne are managing a full house as they attempt to continue to spread the gospel in Yuma and San Luis, Arizona. Your prayers are appreciated for the work there! You can see a number of pictures to your right of the current efforts. 

Good Deeds Downtown

Not only are there some young people who travelled down to foreign fields, but the young people at home have also been keeping busy. This Saturday a group got together to go downtown for a "Good Deeds Scavenger Hunt". Essentially the group was split up into teams, each team was given a list of good deeds to accomplish, and they subsequently raced around the city spreading love, kindness, and joy. Some pictures are attached for you're viewing pleasure. 

Sunday Night Hymn Sing

This week the Payne's kindly opened up their house for us all to come over. With great joy, and slightly less talent, we sang praises to the one who died for us. It was a joy to spend time together, and better yet to spend that time ascribing worth Jesus, who alone is worthy. The Payne's were very kind in letting us use the house even provided an excellent spread of food. 


  • Wednesday at 7:15 will be the Missionary Prayer meeting instead of the regular Bible Study. Please come prepared to pray particularly for missions. 
  • The following Wednesday will mark the start of our summer teaching series of 1 Timothy. 
  • August 18-22 will be the Kids Bible Club at the hall. Details are here. 
  • Victoria park is hosting Kids Bible Club from August 5-8 and details are here. 
  • Please pray:
    • Mrs. Marissette who is still recovering from double knee replacement surgery
    • Mrs. Hollinshead who continues to struggle with back pain 
    • Steve Walker and Andrew Joyce, both recovering from illness and injury
    • Our community