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Monthly Blog

July 21. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

The summer continues on as do things at Langstaff. We have been taking advantage of this great weather as we enjoy time outdoors enjoying God's creation and praising his name. There are a number of exciting events that we have coming up that you should all be aware of. Keep reading to be up to date. 

Summer Teaching Series

A very exciting thing that is upcoming on the calendar is our summer teaching series. We will be going through the book of 1 Timothy starting in a few weeks. 1 Timothy is an exciting book where the apostle Paul writes to Timothy instructing him not only as to how he should behave but as to how a local Church should function. Mike DaSilva, Vince Giraldi, and Andrew Ussher will be sharing in the teaching for this series. Take time to start reading the book now so that our time spent studying it together will be of maximum benefit. 

Bible Reading

This coming week will be our last Bible reading of the summer. We will be finishing the second half of Mark 16. It is in this chapter that the Lord Jesus gives the command known as the great commission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel. At Langstaff we hope to accomplish this both locally as we share the gospel with those around us, as well as internationally as we send missionaries overseas and across borders. Come join us as we dive into this challenging passage. 

Missionary Prayer Meeting

In light of our desire to see the gospel shared to all people we think it good to hear about how the gospel is progressing. There is nothing as encouraging as hearing of lives being changed by the gospel. For this reason we will be starting a new bi-monthly missionary prayer meeting. This will be a time where we come together just to hear updates and prayer requests from around the world. The first one of these meetings will be at 7:15 on Wednesday, July 30th. 

Prayer Requests

  • Lois Marisette has successful underwent double knee replacement surgery, pray for her continued recovery. 
  • Craig's brother Steve is still recovering from his illness and needs our prayers. 
  • Pray for the spread of the Gospel both locally and internationally 
  • Upcoming kids meetings (info found here)