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Monthly Blog

July 14. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Summer is raging on and it finds some of us with a well earned vacation and others working while wishing they were on vacation. We hope that everyone has a wonderful week! Here are some things going on at Langstaff this week: 

Langstaff Children's Meetings

Tis the season where kids are out of school which means a great oppurtunity to give their parents a place to take them during the day and to teach them about the Bible. As has been announced for a couple of weeks now, Langstaff will be be having a week of childrens meetings from August 18-27. If you can/are willing to help out in any way, please contact Gary Williamson or Peter Lansing. 

Vacation Bible School Support 

This is more a note of prayer but Stephen Vance has organized a Bible camp this week located at St. Gerard School near Victoria Park and Huntingwood. Mike Da Silva Jr will be helping nightly in speaking to the children while Stephen speaks to the adults. Prayer for him and the camp overall would be appreciated. 


We will be meeting once again at the Eagles Landing Jr Baseball diamond at 5pm for some more baseball this Saturday (July 19th) for a continuation of summer baseball! So work in your glove, hit the batting cages, and do whatever you need to do to get ready because we would love for you to come out and enjoy a good time with all of us there. It was been a great time so far and we look forward to playing again! If you have any questions, contact Mike Da Silva Jr.

Prayer Requests 

  • Continue to pray for Steve Walker (Craig's brother) and give thanks for the measure of recovery that has occurred
  • Continue to pray for Andrew Joyce (Nephew to Andrew Ussher) and his recovery from a back injury
  • Pray for Mrs. Hollinshead, and Mrs. Joyce who both struggle with back pain
  • Pray for Mr. Mcandless who is feeling more and more the effects of his age