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Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus. We worship him as Lord, love him as saviour, and serve him as King. We welcome any and all to come and join us in worshipping him and and experiencing the life changing power of the gospel. 

Monthly Blog

January 19. This Week at Langstaff

Paul Ussher

This week is a very exciting one! The biggest event so far in our year is just around the corner! We are really excited about the community supper coming up this weekend! We look forward to good food, good company, but most importantly a time of hearing the greatest message ever spoken! For more information and other announcements this week please keep reading below. 


This past week we had a great time at a number of different youth events. The younger children had a great time on Tuesday at the kids club. The teens had fun at the gym on Friday night and a number of youth joined us on Saturday evening for the Youth bible study. A few pictures are here for you to scroll through. If you would be interesting in attending, or have children that would be, please feel free to contact us for more information. 


There is a great need in the continent across the sea. Mrs. Vera Ross has asked for help in preparing goods to go over there. In particular she is looking for used eye glasses, empty pill boxes with the labels removed, and some of your time. She is looking for help on Saturday February 7th at 10am to help with the creation and packing of cloth bandages for use in the medical work there. This is a very practical opportunity to serve the Lord. 

Community Supper

This week will be the community supper. As mentioned above we are very excited about this weekend and encourage all to come and join us and bring their friends. We will be eating at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. In light of this event we will be changing the format of our meeting on Wednesday. At 7:15pm this Wednesday we will be meeting exclusively for prayer. 


Members are encouraged to check the members site for other relevant information and prayer requests!