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Monthly Blog

February 16th - This Week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

This week at Langstaff was quite good. With Valentines day passing us by it was an excellent time to reflect on love. While this certainly included overpriced flowers and expensive dinners, it was also a small reminder of where true Love originates. This Sunday morning at the Remembrance meeting it was evident that many had enjoyed thinking of the incredible love that God has for us. It is that love that has led us to love him in return. This week may we continue to serve him who first loved us. Below you'll find some announcements and reminders for events in the week to come. 

Bethany Sing

Next Sunday afternoon will be an excellent opportunity for many to share some love with the elderly folks at Bethany Lodge. There are many old folks there who have their hearts warmed by enthusiastic singing and all are encouraged to attend. This is a bi-monthly exercise for Langstaff and represents a small sacrifice of your time. The sing starts at 3:30pm. You're encouraged to head over and have your heart warmed as you spend time with those who've walked life's road far ahead of you. 


This past week has been a cold and chilly reminder of the realities of Canadian winter. For most of us this has meant more hot chocolate and warm clothing. Unfortunately, there are many in our society who don't have a warm fireplace and warm clothes to protect themselves from the elements. Bryan Joyce is looking to take gently used clothing down to the homeless of our city. Please bring any clothes to the hall to be gathered up and subsequently donated. 

Other Announcements

  • The meeting on Wednesday the 25th will not be our normal Bible Study but rather a special meeting to share financial information. 
  • April 18th from 6-9pm there will be an Old Fashioned Hymn Sing. Tickets are $10. If interested please see Gary Williamson