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December 15 - This Week at Langstaff

Monthly Blog

December 15 - This Week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

It was a joy to re-discover "The True Meaning of Christmas" This week we were treated to a wonderful play by our Sunday School. The Christmas program was a joy to watch and experience and congratulations goes out to all the students who participated, and all the teachers who worked so hard to make the event a success. If you happened to miss it we've uploaded the video to you Youtube. You can click here to watch that video. Also, you can see some photos from the day below. This week at Langstaff there are a number of things going on so keep reading to find those all out. 

Bible Study

This Wednesday night our brother Peter Lansing will be responsible for the Bible Reading. We will be continuing our study of 2 Timothy. You are encouraged to come, however you can do even more than that. The outline is available for you to download by clicking here. This outline is made available to assist you in studying. The desire is that you would study and benefit from doing so. There is certainly no better book to study than the Bible!


There are many things that we greatly enjoy at Langstaff. We enjoy good preaching, we appreciate good fellowship, and we certainly enjoy good food (some of us a little too much!). Each Sunday we enjoy great refreshments after the morning meeting. It is a great time to catch up with each other, encourage one another, and even greet any guests. As a reminder there is a schedule for which members are responsible available on the members site under the "sign-ups" section. If you're a member be sure to check that out! If you're visiting with us come and enjoy some great food! 

Community Supper

As many will be aware, we are planning a community supper in January. The 24th and 25th of January will be two days where we want to reach out to the community around us. We are greatly looking forward to the community supper and hope it will be a great opportunity to show kindness to our friends and neighbours. Small invitations have been printed and are available at the hall. All are encouraged to use those to give to their friends, neighbours, family, or even strangers!