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Monthly Blog

August 4. This week at Lanstaff

Langstaff Oversight

This week at Langstaff is shaping up to be a pretty good week. There are a number of exciting events coming up, as well as a number of good ones that we enjoyed during the past week. 

Missionary Prayer Meeting

We greatly enjoyed our time spent together in prayer for missionaries around the world. We considered in particular John Dennison and Ross Vanstone who both labour in different areas along the US-Mexico border. We were reminded of our deep need for God as we called out to him, and at the same time we were comforted to know that he always provides. To find more about the missionary prayer meeting you can click here

Loving Our Neighbours

Randy Marisette gave us an excellent and challenging word yesterday afternoon. He reminded us of the important, although sometimes difficult, task of loving our neighbours. That irony was pointed out as he told the story of trying to find time to study to speak on this topic and being interrupted by his neighbour! The story strikes home for us all as it is easy to talk about love and another to practice it. If you happened to miss it you can listen to the message here. 

Summer Teaching Series

This Wednesday will be the first of our Summer Teaching series. We will be starting into the study of the book of 1 Timothy. It is very exciting to be able to dive into this letter, and see what God would have us learn from it. To go along with the series we will be changing the weekly email to include a preview, or a guide as it were, to the message that week. You are encouraged to read that email, consider it, and then come ready to learn and be fed on Wednesday evening. The rest of the week can be dedicated to transferring those thoughts from the mind to the heart and from the heart to the hands. If you don't get the emails you can sign up here. Also you will be able to read the weekly updates about the sermon series here