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Monthly Blog

August 25. This week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

This past week was a busy one at Langstaff. It is possible to appear busy and to be spiritually dry. However it is impossible to be doing well spiritually and be doing nothing. For that reason it is encouraging to have busy weeks at Langstaff. That activity is not a means to our justification but an evidence of it and for that we are thankful. Keep reading to see what we were up to and what is coming up this week! 

Kids Club

A big thank you goes out to all who helped out with the kids club this week. We had over 40 kids out each day to the meetings. Bryan Joyce did a great job with the lessons and many contributed to the other various activities. The children left happy and we pray what they learned from God’s word and what they saw in us, would lead them to trust in our Lord Jesus at a young age.  

Teaching Series Continues 

Hopefully you have all been benefitting from the teaching series over the past few weeks. Our study of first Timothy has been very informative as well as challenging. Our brother Michael led us through chapter 1, Vince covered chapter 2, and this week we will be hearing from Andrew Ussher on chapter 3. We want to hear your questions and comments so please click  here. There you will also find the outlines, and recordings from previous weeks.  


Reasons to pray

  • Pray for all the children who heard the gospel message this past week, for the seeds that have been planted in their hearts and for the homes where they come from.
  • Pray for the Richmond Hill kids club that a suitable gym/location may come available for our use
  • Pray for Lois Marisette and Steve Walker and there recoveries  
  • For the elderly and the widows
  • Things in the middle east have escalated to the extent that most of us do not understand how severe it truly is. When we read or think about the persecution of the church over there our response should be two fold: We should thank the Lord for the freedom comfort we have in Canada but most of all, desperately pray for the Christians in these countries that they will be given comfort and a peace that passes all understanding in their suffering.