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Monthly Blog

August 18. This week at Langstaff.

Langstaff Oversight

The week past

 Wednesday night we continued our summer teaching series on Paul's first letter to Timothy.  Michael Da Silva Jr. took up chapter one of the letter.  Attendance was encouraging.  You are encouraged to visit the Summer Teaching Series page on the website by clicking here - on that page you are able to download or listen to audio files of each message, download the outlines and Powerpoint slides, and submit questions for consideration during the panel discussion session.  We would especially encourage questions  - if there is anything you do not understand in any of the chapters or any material you would like to have explained in greater detail, please submit a question and it will be included in the panel discussion planned for Wednesday September 3rd.

On Sunday afternoon, Peter Lansing began a teaching series on the Upper Room Ministry of Christ - considering the last section of John 13 and the first few sections of John 14.  You can listen to or download Peter's message here

The week coming

Our Summer Kids' Bible Club runs this week from Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM.  If you have children, or have friends who have children, or if you know of children in your neighbourhood - we would really encourage you to bring them along to these sessions.  Also, we would encourage everyone to pray for safety each day, and for help for Bryan Joyce as he teaches the Bible message each morning to the children.

This coming Wednesday night, Vince Giraldi will continue the Summer Teaching Series on 1 Timothy.  Vince will be taking up chapter 2 of the epistle.  The outline, along with study questions, is available by clicking here.  You will find the meeting even more profitable if you read the chapter a few times ahead of time, look through the outline carefully, and try to answer the questions.

Items for Prayer

We presently do not have a school to use for the Tuesday night Richmond Hill Kids' Bible club.  The school we have been using for several years (Herbert Carnegie Public School) is under renovations and not available for the fall term from September - December.  Craig Walker is working with the York Region District School Board to try to arrange an alternate school but so far has been unsuccessful getting one in the same general vicinity.  We can't stray too far from our existing location, as we transport the kids in two vans to and from the school location, and time is already tight to get them picked up and to the school for the sessions to start at 6:30, then get them all home quickly after the sessions end at 7:45.  Please pray that a school will open up for us to use on Tuesday nights for the fall term.

Please pray for Heidi Giraldi's mom who is recovering from a fall.  Heidi is down in Newfoundland with her Mom, helping her during her recovery.