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Monthly Blog

March Past and April to Come

Langstaff Gospel Hall

March Past

Community Dinner 

We hosted our second weekend community dinner for the year of 2016 and it was a great weekend! Many came out to enjoy a delicious warm meal and a gospel message from the Bible. We love reaching out to others in this way and we hope to continue to do it in the future! 


It was amazing this month to see David Payne obey the Lord in baptism. It always a special thing to see someone identify themselves publicly with the Lord Jesus Christ in his death and his resurrection. We are so thankful for David and we look forward to the many years ahead. 

Toronto Easter Conference 

This year was the 129th Toronto easter conference and we has the privilege again to be a part. It was a weekend of great ministry and heart warming fellowship. We are so thankful for all those who worked hard to serve them meals, organize the conference and make sure it ran smoothly. If you wish to hear the audio of all the messages from the conference click here.


April to Come 

Ministry by Jack Hay 

We have our brother Jack Hay who has agreed to be with us from Sunday April 3rd and both Monday and Tuesday night at 7:30pm. We are thankful to have him and look forward to what he has to share with us from God's word. 

Young Peoples 

We have our monthly young peoples ministry meeting on Sunday April 10th and we will have Brian Kember with us for the day. We hope to see you all there! 

Continuing in Colossians 

In the month of April we will continue our study in Colossians. We will pick up where we left off at the beginning of Ch. 2.