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Monthly Blog

September Past and October to Come

Langstaff Gospel Hall

September Past 

September is always a month of beginnings. Kids are back to school, students are coming and going to university, and some of us carry on with our regular routine. We had a number of events beginning again in the past month and we look forward to the months to come! 

Kids Club 

Tuesday night Kids Club has started again! Just like in the many past years every Tuesday night at 6:30pm we rent out a gym in a Public School (just off Bathurst north of Major Mac) and have a time of singing, a lesson from the Bible and a time of sports and crafts. All children are welcome and pick-up and drop-off can be scheduled. For more information, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Gym Night 

Friday night gym night has also begun again! This outreach is for teens who are high school age and up and is located at Blue Willow Public School which is just north-west of Hwy 7 and Weston Rd. The gym night consists of an hour and a half of sports and a short message at the end.  All are invited and rides can be arranged. Please contact us for more information! We would love to have you.

Youth Bible Study 

Our Saturday night Youth Bible Study has started up once again. We have already had our first study and have begun in the book of Jonah and Chapter 1. We are very thankful for the group of youth that we have at Langstaff and for those who come from other parts of the city. Our desire is to learn and grow together as we consider the word of God together. The next youth Bible study will take place on Saturday Oct. 15th. We hope to see you there! 


October Past and to Come 

It is now almost the middle of October and so some things have already taken place at Langstaff but there are also things we look forward to in the next couple weeks. 

Happy Birthday Lorne and Bev!

We had the privilege to celebrate both birthday of Mr and Mrs Lorne and Bev West a couple of weeks ago. We are so thankful for the huge encouragement that they have been to us at Langstaff and for their faithfulness through the years. We hope to have many more years with them! 

Special Gospel Series

We are looking forward to having a special series of meetings with our good friends and brothers Mr. Larry Perkins and Mr. Stephen Vance. We look forward to having them with us for two weeks here at Langstaff! We hope you can come listen with us!