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Monthly Blog

January Past and February to Come

Langstaff Gospel Hall

January Past 

With the month of January comes a new year, plenty of resolutions and lots of cold weather. We have had a great start to the year of 2016 here at Langstaff and we have lots planned for the month of February. 

Lorne and Bev West 60th Anniversary 

We have had the privilege to both Lorne and Bev West with us at Langstaff for many years and we joined them in celebrating 60 years of marriage together. We are so thankful for their faithfulness towards each other and towards the assembly. 

Community Dinner 

We had our first community dinner for the year and it was a great success! Many from the community, friends and family came out to enjoy a delicious hot meal and heard a great gospel message both Saturday and Sunday night. Keep our upcoming community dinner (March 5-6) in your prayers.

Sri Lanka Trip

Our brothers Bryan and James Joyce took a trip over to Sri Lanka to help out with gospel work in and around the major cities. We have been very encouraged to hear from them and to hear that they have been an encouragement to the local assemblies there. We anticipate their arrival back in Canada this Wednesday!

Kids Club and Gym Night 

Both Kids Club on Tuesday nights and Teen Gym Night have started up again for the year. We are thankful that there are some new teens coming out on Friday nights and still having increasing numbers on Tuesday night for Kids Club. Continue to pray for these efforts! 

 Mark and Lori Precopio 

Pat Abbaticchio shared a report with us of the work that Mark and Lori are a part of in Brazil. They are doing a great work in Brazil and they need our prayers. If you want to learn more about what they do, you can find their blog at

February to Come 


Youth Ministry 

We will have our monthly youth ministry meeting on the night of Sunday February 14th. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Young Peoples Bible Study

We will continue to look at the church on Saturday February 27th as we look at the Fellowship and Furtherance of the church. All our welcome to come for 7:00pm.