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Monthly Blog

May 5. This Week at Langstaff

Langstaff Oversight

Like the weeks before and weeks to come the Lord has blessed us with another good week at Langstaff. This Sunday we were ministered to by our brother Mr. Marisette who taught us about the challenging truths we can find in the book of James. Our brothers Andrew Giraldi and Stefan Parent spoke in the gospel and the messages are available here. Some other highlights from this week and the one to come. 

Zambia Packages

A big thanks to everyone who came out to package the boxes for Zambia. We not only had a great turnout but a great time. It is amazing that in the world we live in, our efforts can have an impact across the world. For those who desire to expend a little more effort a simple e-mail can often also have a great impact on the workers over there. Shawn and Rhonda would love to hear from you. 

Missionary Conference

The time of year has finally come. Missionary conference is this coming weekend! For those who are able we will be setting up the hall on Wednesday night at 7pm. Any and all are welcome to come and to help out. Regardless of whether or not you can make it to the set up it would be good if we all spent time praying for the conference this week. It is important to remember the safety of those coming, the unity of us working together, the attention of the listeners, and the Lord's blessing on the message given. Above all that through this conference the person of Jesus Christ would be glorified. 

Singing and Accommodations

In light of the missionary conference there are two housekeeping items that should be mentioned. If you happen to have any free space in your house please let Sheryl Payne know as many will be looking for places to stay. Additionally there will be a sing following the conference on Saturday night. We have been able to rent the cafeteria of the Stephen Lewis Secondary School. All are welcome to attend however we do ask that if you are attending, or have guests at your house who will be attending, please let Andrew or Rachel Ussher know so that they can prepare food accordingly. 


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