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The Significance of a Place

Weekly Devotions

Weekly articles written to encourage, challenge, and inspire Christians.

The Significance of a Place

Langstaff Oversight

And when they were come to the place....
— Luke 23:33

In our worship, we often focus on our Lord's association with the place called Calvary.  We know it to be the place of 'the skull' and we often consider it as a 'mindless' place when we consider what men did to the Son of God.  These are definitely great truths for us to continually enjoy.  However, there are a number of other places with great significance that are associated with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Below is a list of three such places that provide some additional insight into His Person.  This simple overview provides some additional insight for personal mediation and worship



This is a place that many would associate only with our Lord's birth but it has great significance concerning His life and death. Many know it to be the 'City of David' but the town of Bethlehem itself means 'the house of bread'. The name is associated with a place that had the need met. It is from this very place that our Lord Jesus enters into humanity. It is a very fitting title for the place that 'The Bread of Life' would begin his earthly experience to meet our need.


This is a place that our Lord Jesus Christ visited many times in His earthly life. Jerusalem means the 'Foundation of Peace' and is first associated in Scripture with Melchizedek, King of Salem, a type of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a royal city, it is fitting that we see our Saviour in this place as the 'Prince of Peace'. When He was a baby in the temple, Simeon said he could depart 'in peace' because he had seen the Lord's Christ. At the age of 12, He engaged in peaceful discussions with the elders and in His final week before the cross, He peacefully entered into Jerusalem as a triumphant King. It was also just outside of Jerusalem where He made final peace between God and man as the great Mediator.

Mount of Olives

 Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives

This is a place our Lord often resorted to with His disciples and in communion with His Father. This is often referred to as the 'Mount of the Summit'. Geographically, it was 200 feet higher than the surrounding areas, including Jerusalem. Spiritually, it was also a high place. The Lord's prayer to His Father before the cross was in Gethsemane, at the foot of the Mount. The Lord spoke to His disciples about the future of Jerusalem and Himself from the top of the Mount. It was from this Mount that He made His final ascent into Heaven after His resurrection. It is also from this location where He will return as the King of Kings in a future day.