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Sunday Afternoon Ministry

The apostle Paul told Timothy "all scripture is breathed out by God." There are many important messages we hear in life but none compare to the message of God to us, the Bible. At Langstaff we love the bible and for that reason we open it, and try to learn from it each and every week. Please see below to listen to some of the sermons we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. If there is a particular message you're looking for some specific Sunday afternoon ministry meeting please let us know here and we will get it for you. 

Andrew Ussher - Sunday, June 4, 2017

Paul ussher - Sunday, March 12, 2017

The 12 Apostles Series - Michael DaSilva


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our brother Pat Abbaticchio has led us through a number of studies of the Lord's prayer. This past Sunday Pat led us through the final study of the prayer. The messages from the series have been made available for download at your convenience. 

Lord's Prayer 1                         Lord's Prayer 2                     Lord's Prayer 3              Lord's Prayer 4

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Michael Da Silva continued to lead us through the study which was titled "God of the Gentiles". This study aims to show that God has been interested in all of mankind throughout all of human history. During this message Michael showed how God worked through the Babylonian, Persian, and Roman empires. You can listen or download the message below. 

Michael DaSilva

Sunday, August 21, 2016

We were greatly blessed by ministry from our brother Pat Abbaticchio. His words from the book of Luke were both encouraging and challenging and we trust they will be a blessing to you. You can listen and download the message below.

Pat Abbaticchio

Sunday, May 29, 2016

On Sunday afternoon we were greatly blessed by our brother Gary Williamson. Gary spoke through the practical implications of our baptism and what it really means to be dead to the world and alive to Christ. He likened baptism to wedding vows, something done in a moment but meant to last a lifetime. You can listen and download the message below. 

Gary Williamson

SUNDAY, april 10, 2016

This afternoon we enjoyed listening to our brother Brian Kember open the scriptures to Philippians 1. Click below to hear or download the audio. 

Brian Kember

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This afternoon our brother Gary Williamson opened up the word and shared with us the difficulty of suffering and trials but reminded us that God is always there and is always able. Click below to hear more. 

Gary Williamson 


This afternoon we had the pleasure of listening to our visiting brother Andrew Robertson who was with us for the day. Click below to hear more about living by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Andrew Robertson

SUNDAY, november 1

This Sunday afternoon, our beloved brother Pat Abbatichio opened the word of the Lord and shared with us the importance of unity. This message can be downloaded by clicking below.

Pat Abbatichio

Sunday, October 18

Michael Da Silva continued with his series looking at the twelve sons of Jacob. This week we looked at the two sons of Joseph. You can download or listen to the message below.


Sunday, September 13

Michael Da Silva continued with the series of looking at the twelve sons of Jacob. This week we looked at Gad and Asher. You can download or listen to the message below.


Sunday, July 5

It was a great day at Langstaff as we were joined by Mr. Mark Bachert. Mark serves the Lord as a missionary with his family in Nicaragua. He gave us an update regarding his current working the capital city of Nicaragua, Managua. It was encouraging and uplifting and has been made available below. 


Sunday, June 28

We were delighted to welcome home our brother and sister Dan and Joan Harvey. Dan shared with us a number of lessons they have learned over the 10 years since they left us to serve the Lord as missionaries. Dan's candid and humble report was encouraging to all and is available for download or listening below. 


Sunday, May 24

Paul Marisette spoke to us on Sunday about the amazing truth that our Lord cares for us. It is amazing and humbling to think that he cares for us, not just corporately but individually. The message has been made available below for download or streaming. 


Sunday, April 19

One of our elders, Gary Williamson shared a powerful word of ministry with us this past Sunday. We were encouraged about the wonderful truth of Christ's return. Gary shared with us the impacts of that truth on the individual, the Church, and Christ. You can download or listen to the message below. 


Sunday, April 12

As humans we are quite familiar with our own limitations. It is for this reason that we have a desperate need for the power of God. This power is what has saved us, what sustains us, and what will ultimately bring us home to Christ. Bryan Kember was with us for the day Sunday and shared powerfully about the power of God and the importance of that power in our lives. You can listen or download below.


Sunday, March 22

Michael Da SIlva Jr embarked on an interesting study into the characters of the 12 sons of Jacob. He started by considering that one day these 12 names will be on the gates of pearl, thereby showing the importance and significance of the names. For each of the sons of Jacob, Michael has set out to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses, the representatives through Bible history, the character traits, and the ways in which we can identify with these unique characters. This week we were only able to cover 2 of the brothers. You can download the message here. Or stream below. 

Sunday, March 15

Although many were away for the march break those who were in attendance were blessed by a great message from our brother Vince Giraldi. You can listen to the message below or simply click here to download. 

Sunday, November 30

Andrew Ussher spoke clearly and plainly on the importance of partnership in the gospel. Reading from Philippians we were reminded how how important it is that we have an interest in the Lord's servants, intercede for them, interact with them, and invest in their labours! If you missed it, would like to hear it again, or are just visiting the site it is well worth your listen. Click here to download or stream the message. 

Sunday October 19

Mr. Jim Beattie was with us for the day and he shared an enjoyable thought from John's gospel. The breakdown and exegesis was excellent as he broke the gospel into three sections and showed how our Lord Jesus is our Evangelist, our Teacher, and our Shepherd.  Download by clicking here, or listen below. 

Sunday October 5

Mr. Norman Lormer joined us for the day on Sunday. We greatly enjoyed his ministry on Sunday afternoon about women of prayer. Thus we have uploaded the message to allow you to listen to it. You can click here to download the message or simply listen below. 

Sunday September 28

This sunday Michael Da Silva Jr. took us back for a look at the history of a number of famous hymns. Our minds were engaged and our hearts were touched as learned the significance of many of the songs that we so enjoyed today. Michael challenged us to continue the legacy by attempting to write hymns ourselves. Listen to the message below. 

Sunday September 21

Dave Richards visited us and shared a number of encouraging thoughts. Click here to download or listen below. 

Sunday September 7

Andrew Ussher spoke to us powerfully from the life of Peter. There were two times in Peter's life that he found himself sitting around a fire. We took a look at a number of fireside lessons that we could appreciate from the life of Peter. 

Sunday August 31

Mike Da Silva spoke to us from Matthew about taking spiritual rest. Using Jesus' wonderful invitation to "take my yoke" Mike showed us how we can find spiritual rest in a world devoid of it. The message was heartfelt and sincere and well worth listening to. To download click here

Sunday August 17

Peter Lansing spoke to us from John 13 about the upper room ministry. This intriguing piece of scripture is rich with theological depth and practical truth. Peter plans to continue teaching from this section on select Sundays over the next few months. To download click here.  

Sunday August 3

Randy Marisette spoke to us this Sunday about loving our neighbour as ourself. His message was both challenging and insightful while being heartfelt and enjoyable. You can listen below or download the sermon by clicking here. 

Sunday July 6

Pat Abbatichio led us through an excellent study of God's providence. We realized that providence is not simply the Christian term for luck but rather a precious doctrine that God is in control. We learned that providence is manifest not only in the good times but also the bad. The message can streamed below or can be downloaded by clicking here

Sunday July 28

Bryan Joyce had an excellent word for us this past Sunday. It would be well worth your time to take a listen. You can download the message by clicking here

Sunday June 29

Andrew Ussher took up the subject of "A Scriptural Description of a Functioning Local Assembly".  The audio is available for download or streaming below.  Copies of the overhead slides are available by clicking here.


Sunday June 1

John Clingen and his family were back with us again for the day. They serve the Lord down in Arizona with the spanish population. It was great to have them home and John ministered to us from James 1. He spoke of the importance, and yet the challenge of counting it a joy when we suffer. The audio is available for download or streaming below. 


Sunday May 18

Frank Sona was with the assembly for the day on Sunday May 18th and in the afternoon ministry session he took up four different personalities in Acts 9 - and described how the Lord used them and worked through them - drawing attention to the little word "but" which occurs in the Biblical text several times through the chapter.  Listen to, or download the message below.


Sunday May 4

Randy Marisette guided us through a look at some of the challenging truths from the epistle of James. It was a message that was biblical, practical and challenging. You're encouraged not only to listen to it but to apply it to your life, be willing to change. 


Sunday Apr. 13

Michael Da Silva Jr. continued with Part 2 of his message on "Ten Ordinary Men Whom God Used to do Extra-ordinary Things" - the second half of the message he started on Sunday Mar 23rd.  Listen to, or download this challenging message to learn about how God used men like George Muller, W.E. Vine, Jim Elliot, and more.


Sunday Mar. 30

The meeting this Sunday afternoon was shared by Lance Cowie and Tim Berry.  Lance spoke on Freedom from Sin and warned about the danger of hidden sins, presumptuous sins and enslaving sin in our lives.  Tim encouraged us all to "keep on running" the Christian race. Listen to, or download, the messages below.

Lance Cowie - download

Tim Berry - download

Sunday Mar. 23

Michael Da Silva Jr. warmed our hearts with a message of ordinary people who God used to do extra-ordinary things. The amazing reality is that while we too are nothing more than ordinary people because of God's love, Jesus work on the cross, and the continuing power of the Holy Spirit, we too can be used by God. Listen or download the message below. 


Sunday Mar. 16

We had Dr. Lindsay Parks with us for the day. He was up visiting with us from his home town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. He shared with us some wonderful and encouraging thoughts about Enoch, the man who walked with God. Listen or download the message below. 


Sunday Mar. 2

This was the final Sunday of a 3-week Special Gospel series with visiting evangelist Peter Ramsay.  In this Sunday Afternoon Ministry meeting, Peter encouraged us to "Run with Endurance" based on the teaching of Hebrews 12:1-3 and particularly focused on the example of Caleb.  Listen or download the message below.


Sunday Feb. 23

Peter Ramsay spoke on "Ten Features of a Healthy Assembly" and encouraged us all to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to building these virtues into our own assembly for the honour of the Lord Jesus.  Listen or download the message below.


Sunday Feb. 16

"Guard your heart with all diligence" was the theme of this excellent, challenging message from Peter Ramsay on the importance of guarding against bitterness, envy, anger, pride and other insidious enemies creeping into our hearts!


Sunday Feb. 9

Who is Satan? What is his role? Peter Ramsay allowed us to learn that not only is Satan real but he is also relentless, ready, religious, and refined. Great to know that despite all of that, "greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). 


Sunday Feb. 2 

Randy Marisette gave us an excellent and very practical look into Philippians. With the new meetings coming up we really appreciated the message and learned a lot from it. If you weren't paying attention, or if you happened to miss it, it is well worth your time to have a listen.  Download