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1350 Langstaff Road
Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 8P8


Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus. We worship him as Lord, love him as saviour, and serve him as King. We welcome any and all to come and join us in worshipping him and and experiencing the life changing power of the gospel. 

Youth Bible Study

What is your life? You're young, you've got a lot of time ahead of you. Chances are you've got all kinds of ambitions, plans, and hopes as to what you are going to do. Without taking away from those, have you ever sat down to reflect and wonder, what really is life all about? That is what we hope to do on Sunday evenings. Join the Langstaff Youth as we consider the only life worth living, eternal life. Scroll down to see upcoming dates and topics. The meetings are on Sunday evenings from 4pm to 6pm. The meetings are informal. 

Upcoming Studies:

September 17th - Amos Session 1

October 15th - Amos Session 2

November 5th - Amos Session 3

November 26th - Amos Session 4

Past studies:

The book of 1 John

The book of Ruth

The Church - The foundations of the Church; The future of the Church

Philippians 1 - download

Philippians 2 - download

Phiippians 3 - download

Philippians 4 - download

Ephesians 1 - download here.