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“How is a Christian to live in today’s world?”  This is actually not a new question.  Many of the same challenges, temptations, opportunities and threats that we face today had their roots and were already spreading their influence back in the first century of Church history.  In that context, one of the greatest teachers the Church has ever known – the apostle Paul – picked up his pen to write to a young man to provide a comprehensive answer to this very question.

Paul was nearing the end of his service.  Timothy was a young man faced with the challenge of carrying on in service for God amidst many challenges and hindrances.  Paul writes to Timothy to instruct him on how a person ought to conduct himself in the house of God (3:15) – which in simple language can be paraphrased “how a believer in assembly fellowship is supposed to live”.   In providing this teaching, Paul covers a broad, diverse range of subjects within the letter that we know as First Timothy.  The teaching ranges from

  • salvation (1:15) to submission (2:11-12)
  • conscience (1:5, 1:19, 3:9, 4:2) to contentment (6:6)
  • prayer (2:1-2, 2:8) to purity (5:22)
  • modesty (2:9) to materialism (6:5-10)
  • fighting (6:12) to fleeing & following (6:11)
  • greed (6:9-10) to Godliness (2:2, 3:15, 4:7-8, 6:3, 6:5, 6:6, 6:11)

You may feel that this is a very comprehensive range of topics – and that’s just the point! – if a  Christian is going to thrive for God in today’s world, he or she will need the Scriptures applied to every area of his or her life – it’s not that there is a tiny little “spiritual” compartment away over in one corner of my life where Scriptural teaching is relevant, and then a broad swath of my existence where I’m basically free to steer my own course and live as I see fit.  That may (tragically!) be how many believers actually live, but it’s not how we ought to live.  Scriptural teaching applies to the entirety of my life – touching every corner and affecting every interest, ambition, pursuit and activity.  It is equally concerned with the way I behave at school as it is with the way I function in the assembly meetings.  Its instructions affect what I do and where I go on Friday night just as much as on Sunday mornings.

Our purpose in this series of teaching meetings is to take a fresh look at Paul’s first letter to Timothy to examine the teachings that the great apostle felt were essential for Timothy to grasp in order to survive and thrive as a young man serving God.  It is our prayer that we will all take these teachings to ourselves individually, and recognize that these same lessons are absolutely imperative for us to learn if we are to be the men and women that God would have us be in this dark, wicked, diabolically-energized age.  We also sincerely hope that, as we each individually benefit from the teaching of God’s word, the result will be a strengthening of the collective testimony and effective functioning of the assembly here at Langstaff.  May Paul’s exhortation to Timothy prove true in each of our lives – “fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life!” (1 Tim 6:12)

Proposed Schedule

Wed  Aug 6           Introduction & Overview (Andrew Ussher)

Wed Aug 13         Chapter 1 – Michael Da Silva Jr.

Wed Aug 20         Chapter 2 – Vince Giraldi

Wed Aug 27         Chapter 3 – Andrew Ussher

Wed Sep  3           Review, Questions & Answers, Summary (Andrew, Michael & Vince)

Wed Sep 10         Chapter 4 – Michael Da Silva Jr.

Wed Sep 17         Chapter 5 – Vince Giraldi

Wed Sep 24         Chapter 6 – Michael Da Silva Jr.

Wed Oct 1            Summary, Questions & Answers, Wrap-up, etc. (Andrew, Michael & Vince)


The meetings will start at 7:15 PM and begin with 30 minutes of prayer – ministry will start at 7:45 and conclude about 8:40 so that the meetings are completely concluded before 8:45 – this commitment will be honoured to hopefully allow students and those with younger children to attend the meetings and get away at a decent time.

There will be two “review” sessions as outlined in the schedule above – written questions are welcome and can be handed to any of the speakers or the overseers – or submitted on the website.  These review sessions will allow these questions to be addressed, and will also allow an opportunity for revisiting any material or sections of specific chapters that may have been passed over quickly.

There will be a handout each Wednesday night with questions relating directly to the material covered in that session, along with some suggestions for further study.

The handout for this week as well as the audio are available below. 

To download audio click here

To download handout click here