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Other Teaching

Over the years we have had lots of different speakers who have provided us with excellent sermons. If there are specific messages that you remember from past meetings, and would like to request audio files for listening or download, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request. 

Jack Hay - Post-Conference teaching

We were glad to have our brother Mr. Jack Hay with us for a couple nights of ministry following the Toronto Conference. He shared with us a number of lessons from the book of the Acts. Specifically we looked at the exemplary lives of two extraordinary deacons, namely, Stephen and Phillip. 

Missionary report - malawi

We were glad to have our brother Stephen Harper with us on Wednesday night. While he shares a name with the Prime Minister his mission is far different. He is involved in missionary work in Malawi and shared with us many stories and lessons from his labors there. You can listen to the message below.


June 4, 2014. John Clingen and his family were back for a short visit to Canada. They left us a few years ago to share the Gospel down in the south. After spending a few years in Nicaragua they have been labouring in Yuma, Arizona, with the spanish population. John shared with us a brief report of their activities over the time that they have been away from us. The audio can be downloaded here. Or listened to below. 

Clark Logan

May 21, 2014. We had Dr. Clark Logan with us for our midweek meeting. Dr. Logan was with us at the conference, and was kind enough to stop by again before heading back home to Botswana. He gave us a few encouraging thoughts from God's word before letting us in on a number of details about the work in Botswana that he didn't get to share at the conference. The time was both informative and encouraging. Listen to the message below, or download by clicking here.

Sandy Higgins

April 17, 2014 was the Thursday night prayer meeting to commence the 2014 Toronto Easter Conference.  Sandy Higgins gave a short, stirring word from John 20 on the impact that one glimpse of Christ can have.  Listen to the message below, or download by clicking here.

Phil Coulson

We had Phil Coulson visiting with us here for just one evening of ministry. It was great to have him with us as he showed us the importance of having right thoughts of Christ. He walked us through the book of John and showed us the revelation of Jesus as the fulfillment of all the Old Testament promises. Take a listen below or download by clicking here.