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Teaching Series

"I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord."      - Paul the Apostle

If there are specific messages that you remember from past meetings, and would like to request audio files for listening or download, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.


Matthew Cain 

We were very blessed to have our brother Matthew Cain with us as he taught us about the reformation. He gave two messages Saturday and one Sunday night. Click below for the messages. 

Jack Hay 

We were very honoured to have our dear brother Jack Hay for four nights for ministry. He took up the Old Testament character, King Asa. You can find these messages below 

John's Gospel

To view an outline that explains our proposed schedule and a breakdown of how we will be going through the gospel of John, click here

You can download the powerpoint presentation relating to the overview by clicking here

John 1 panel DISCUSSION

You can download the handout relating to this discussion by clicking here

John Pat Abbaticchio

John Chapter 8 Patt Abbaticchio 


Unlikely or Unsung heroes

Popular Parables

Stephen Vance - Evangelism

In light of our upcoming Gospel series we were excited to have our brother Stephen with us to speak to us a little bit about evangelism. The three messages were given over the course of a few weeks. With each message there is a corresponding PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoints are available for download by clicking on the corresponding message and you can listen to the audio below. 

Evangelism 1                                              Evangelism 2                                         Evangelism 3

Allen Summers - Heaven

We recently had our brother Allen Summers with us, visiting from Scotland for two evenings of ministry. It was great to have him with us as he discussed a topic we refer to quite often, but may not know a lot about. He spoke on the prospect of heaven and the impact it should have on a believer's life. The sermons can be downloaded below.

Message 1       Message 2

Faith's Firm Foundation

This fall and winter we have commenced a study of the foundations that form the bedrock of our Christian faith. Put simply, we will be examining the vast truths of the gospel and looking at how these truths are not just essential for determining our eternal destiny, but also for governing our daily life. You can find the messages from this series by clicking here.

The names of the gates of pearl

Throughout the course of a number of months Michael Da Silva Jr. led us through a study of the names of the gates of pearl. Of course, these are the names of the 12 sons of Jacob. Michael led us through a study of each of the sons that can be listened to by clicking here

1 Timothy Teaching Series

Our summer teaching series was in the book of 1 Timothy. It was engaging and encouraging to take a look at this interesting and challenging book. We appreciated the ministry of Andrew Ussher, Michael Da Silva Jr. and Vince Giraldi. You can find the outlines and messages from the series by clicking here.

David Gilliland

David Gilliland was with us a few years ago and yet his ministry continues to impact us. The topic was "servants who contemplated quitting their post". In a nutshell that is a sophisticated way of saying "people who wanted to give up on serving God". We took a look at four different servants who asked God to kill them. Simply click on the name of the servant below to download the message. 

Moses                  Elijah                  Jonah                    Simeon