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Missionary Conference

The second weekend in May is the biggest weekend of the year for the Langstaff Gospel Hall. It is that weekend that we host the annual Langstaff Missionary Conference. Each year we invite God's servants from around the globe to come and tell us how God is working around the world, and to challenge and encourage us as we see God work here in Canada. The sermons from all of the conferences are available below for you to listen to at your convenience. 

Missionary Conference 2018

We are very excited to announce that we will once again be hosting the Missionary Conference for 2018. The conference will run from May 11-13, 2018. We will be joined by the following missionaries:

  • Mr. Mark Bachert - Nicaragua
  • Mr. Shad Kember - Mexico
  • Mr. Crawford Brown - Brazil
  • Mr. Rodney Brown - South Africa

We will also have Mr. Gaius Goff with us to share in some teaching and advice as it relates to missionary endeavors. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for the conference schedule.




Missionary conference 2017

We were greatly blessed to once again be the hosts of a successful missionary conference. There were over 600 in attendance as we heard about God's work all around the globe. From Tanzania to London, England we heard from a number of God's servants and were reminded that it is all his work. You can hear the messages by clicking here

2015 missionary conference.jpeg

Missionary Conference 2016

We are humbled and grateful that by the grace of God we have had yet another excellent missionary conference. We were greatly blessed by the missionaries who came to pay us a visit, and while we enjoyed their accents and their stories, it was the love of Christ that was most enjoyable. The weekend was filled with good food, good friendships, and most importantly faithful teaching and preaching from God's word. The messages are available for you to listen to by clicking here



auditorium 2.jpg


Missionary conference 2015

We are thankful to God, the speakers, and all those who made the Missionary conference such a success this year. We were joined by a number of missionaries from around the world and visitors from across Canada and the US. The messages and powerpoint slides have been uploaded here



Missionary Conference 2014

This year we were joined by 5 different missionaries as well as close to 700 guests. The messages were powerful, the reports were encouraging, and the testimonies were intriguing. It would be well worth your time to listen to the messages by clicking here


Missionary Conference 2013

Our annual Missionary Conference is one of our favourite events of the year. If you were sleeping through the meetings, or weren't able to attend, all the messages are available for free here


Missionary Conference 2012

Missionary Conference in 2012 was yet another successful weekend. The messages were challenging, and the updates on God's work around the globe were very encouraging. All of the messages are available for download here

 Missionary Conference 2011

Missionary Conference 2011


Missionary Conference 2011

Missionary Conference continues to be a great success. We were all greatly blessed by the weekend of fellowship, joy, and learning from God's word. We are grateful to all who came, and to the men who spoke. The messages have been uploaded and are available for free download here.