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Missionary Conference 2016

We at Langstaff are humbled and grateful that by the grace of God we have had yet another excellent missionary conference. We were greatly blessed by the missionaries who came to pay us a visit, and while we enjoyed their accents and their stories, it was the love of Christ that was most enjoyable. The weekend was filled with good food, good friendships, and most importantly faithful teaching and preaching from God's word.

We know that there were many who were not able to make it, or perhaps did make it but weren't at all the meetings, or perhaps made it to the meetings but fell asleep. For all of the above groups we have uploaded the messages below and hope they will be a blessing to you. Please note that at the request of some of the speakers not all the messages have been uploaded and as such their absence here is not an oversight. 

You can download the conference booklet by clicking here

Friday evening session

Mr. Brian Howden - Ministry  

Saturday Morning Session

Mr. Stephen Grant - Indonesia Missionary Report

Mr. Charles Davidson - Interest and Involvement in the Work

Dr. Sandy Higgins - Ministry Session 1

Saturday Afternoon Session

Mr. Charles Davidson - Nepal, and Gangkok India Report

Mr. Stephen Grant - Ministry

Mr Brian Howden - Call to Full Time Service

Dr. Sandy Higgins - Ministry Session 2

Saturday Evening Session

Mr. Brian Howden - Angola Report

Mr. Jim McMaster - Ministry Message

SUNDAY Morning 

Stephen Grant

Sunday Afternoon Session

Mr. Shawn Markle - Zambia Report

Mr. Stephen Grant - Call to Full Time Service

Mr. Jim McMaster - Gospel