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Missionary Conference 2014

Missionary Conference was a smashing success. There were hundreds who came out to hear what God is doing around the world. The encouraging reports were complemented by a number of challenging sermons and interesting accounts of personal calls to service. If you were among those in attendance but missed a few sermons, or if you weren't able to make it, all of the sermons are available below. 

The guest speakers this year were,

  • Dr. Clark Logan - Botswana
  • Mr. Stephen Harper - Malawi
  • Mr. John Nesbitt - Mexico
  • Mr. David Weir - Romania
  • Mr. Stephen Redpath - Venezuela

The booklet for the conference can be downloaded by clicking here.  

Additionally, the lyrics for the missions hymn sung at the conference are available here.

Friday May 9

Mr. David Weir - Praying Missionaries and Praying for Missionaries                   download

Saturday May 10

Dr. Clark Logan - My call to Full Time Missionary Service                                   download

Mr. Stephen Harper - Missionary Report - Malawi                                             download

Mr. John Nesbitt - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service                                    download

Mr. Earl Ritchie - Fellow Helpers to the Truth (Financial Support)                           download

Mr. Stephen Redpath - Missionary Report - Venezuela                                          download

Mr. Stephen Harper - Culture - to Compromise, Convert, or Confront                      download

Mr. Stephen Redpath - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service                               download

Dr. Clark Logan - Missionary Report - Botswana                                                      download

Mr. David Weir - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service                                        download

Mr. John Nesbitt - Dependence on the Lord in the Mission Field                             download

Mr. Earl Ritchie - Financial Support Part. 2                                                               download

Mr. David Weir - Missionary Report - Romania                                                          download

Sunday May 11

Mr. John Nesbitt - Missionary Report - Mexico                                                         download

Dr. Clark Logan - Motivation for Service                                                                    download

Mr. Stephen Redpath - Some Mysteries in God's Service                                         download

Mr. Stephen Harper - My Call to Full Time Service                                                    download

Dr. Clark Logan - Gospel Message                                                                           download