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Missionary Conference 2011

Missionary Conference 2011 was a time of great blessing.  Our speakers were:

  • Mr. David Jones - Chile
  • Mr. Marcus Cain - Mexico
  • Mr. Tom Matthews - Brazil
  • Mr. David Booth - Russia
  • Mr. Earl Ritchie - China and Korea

All in attendance were blessed by the weekend. A booklet was prepared with information about the countries where the missionaries serve, as well as prayer requests and other relevant information. To download that booklet click here

The audio from the conference is available below. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Friday - May 13, 2011

Mr. Marcus Cain - The Need for and Development of Godly Elders         Download

Saturday - May 14, 2011

Mr. David Jones - Missionary Report - Chile           Download

Mr. Tom Matthews - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service             Download

Mr. Earl Ritchie - The Character of God's Servant               Download

Mr. David Booth - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service        Download

Mr. Marcus Cain - Missionary Report - Mexico           Download

Mr. David Jones - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service        Download

Mr. David Booth - God's Will for Every Christian           Download

Mr. Tom Matthews - Missionary Report - Brazil           Download

Mr. Marcus Cain - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service            Download

Mr. David Jones - Biblical and Practical Matters Regarding Commendation             Download

Panel Discussion

Sunday - May 15, 2011

Mr. David Booth - Missionary Report - Russia                  Download

Mr. Tom Matthews - Persevering Through Prolonged Barrenness in Gospel Work            Download

Mr. Earl Ritchie - Missionary Report - China and Korea            Download

Mr. David Booth - Closing Gospel Message                   Download