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Missionary Conference 2010

The speakers for the conference in 2010 were: 

  • Mr. Shawn St. Clair - El Salvador
  • Mr. Shad Kember - Mexico
  • Mr. Phil Coulson - Burma
  • Mr. Crawford Brown - Brazil
  • Mr. Jack Nesbitt - St. Lucia
  • Dr. David Vallance - special guest speaker

The messages below are available for listening or downloading. Should you desire to see the accompanying booklet you can download it by clicking here

Friday May 14

Mr. Shad Kember - Evangelism as a Career or Lifestyle                                       Download

Saturday May 15

Mr. Shawn St. Clair - Missionary Report - El Salvador                                           Download

Mr. Phil Coulson - My Call to Full Time Service                                                    Download

Mr. Jack Nesbitt - The Planting of an Assembly in a New Area                            Download

Mr. Crawford Brown - My call to Full Time Service                                                Download

Mr. Shad Kember - Missionary Report - Mexico                                                      Download

Mr. Jack Nesbitt - My Call to Full Time Service                                                      Download

Dr. David Vallance - The Responsibility of Home Assemblies Towards Missionaries           Download

Mr. Phil Coulson - Missionary Report - Burma                                                         Download

Mr. Shawn St. Clair - My Call to Full Time Service                                                   Download

Mr. Crawford Brown - Time Management on the Mission Field                             Download

Mr. Shad Kember - My Call to Full Time Service                                                      Download

Mr. Crawford Brown - Missionary Report - Brazil                                                      Download

Sunday, May 16

Mr. Jack Nesbitt - Missionary Report - St. Lucia                                                      Download

Mr. Shawn St. Clair - Go Forth Principles from the Gospels                                    Download

Mr. Phil Coulson - The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit                                    Download

Mr. Crawford Brown - Gospel                                                                                  Download