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Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus. We worship him as Lord, love him as saviour, and serve him as King. We welcome any and all to come and join us in worshipping him and and experiencing the life changing power of the gospel. 

Missionary Conference 2007

The speakers in 2007 were:

  • Mr. Jim Allen - Malaysia
  • Mr. Colin Raggett - Botswana
  • Mr. Mark Bachert - Nicaragua
  • Mr. Bill Watterson - Brazil 
  • Mr. Andrew Turkington - Venezuela

The booklet is available for download here. To download any of the messages simply click on the title of the sermon that you wish to download. 

Friday May 11

Mr. Bill Watterson - Dependence Upon God for All Aspects of His Work 

Saturday May 12

Mr. Jim Allen - Missionary Report - Malaysia

Mr. Mark Bachert - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service

Mr. Andrew Turkington - Learning from Missionaries in the First Missionary Book 

Mr. Colin Raggett - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service

Mr. Bill Watterson - Missionary Report - Brazil 

Mr. Andrew Turkington - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service

Mr. Jim Allen - The Future of Assembly Missionary Work 

Mr. Colin Raggett - Missionary Report - Botswana

Mr. Jim Allen - My Call to Full-Time Missionary Service

Mr. Mark Bachert - Problems that Missionaries and New Testament Assemblies Face

Mr. Bill Watterson - My Call to Full Time Missionary Service

Mr. Andrew Turkington - Missionary Report Venezuela

Sunday May 13

Mr. Mark Bachert - Missionary Report - Nicaragua

Mr. Colin Raggett - The Importance and Value of Children's Work

Panel Discussion - Practical Questions about Missionary Work        Part 1       Part 2

Mr. Andrew Turkington - Gospel

Mr. Mark Bachert - Gospel