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Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus. We worship him as Lord, love him as saviour, and serve him as King. We welcome any and all to come and join us in worshipping him and and experiencing the life changing power of the gospel. 

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Missionary Conference 2013

Missionary Conference 2013 was a fantastic event. It was a weekend where we spent our time thinking and learning about foreign missionary endeavours. This year our speakers were:

  • Mr. Jack Hay - Armenia
  • Mr. Kevin Flett - El Salvador
  • Mr. R. Raghu - Nepal
  • Mr. Paul Poidevin - Zambia

We also had our brother Mr. Michael Penfold who spoke on a few topics specifically related to missionary work. It was a weekend that was enjoyed by all. We have prepared a booklet with information relating to the weekend and it is available for download here.

All of the messages from the conference are available for download below.  We hope that they will be to your benefit and blessing. If you have any questions or comments about what you hear or read feel free to contact us here. 

Friday - May 10, 2013

Mr. Paul Poidevin - Complete Consecration - Giving ourselves wholly to the Lord       Download

Saturday - May 11, 2013

Mr. Kevin Flett - Missionary Report - El Salvador        Download

Mr. R. Raghu - My Call to Full-Time Missionary Service     Download

Mr. Michael Penfold - Missionary work - The mandate and the method     Download

Mr. R Raghu - Missionary Report - Nepal    Download

Mr. Jack Hay - Called to continue at home     Download

Mr. Kevin Flett - Counting the Cost, Leaving All for the Sake of the Gospel      Download

Mr. Paul Poidevin - My Call to Full-Time Missionary Service         Download

Mr. R. Raghu - Cultural Challenges, Presenting Christ in a Non-Christian Culture    Download

Mr. Jack Hay - My Call to Full-Time Missionary Service      Download

Mr. Michael Penfold - Missionary Work - The Message        Download

Sunday - May 12, 2013

Mr. Paul Poidevin - Missionary Report - Zambia             Download

Mr. Michael Penfold - Missionary Work - Monetary Concerns    Download

Mr. Jack Hay - Missionary Report - Armenia       Download

Mr. Kevin Flett - My Call to Full-Time Missionary Service    Download