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Statement of Faith

We are Christians, but what does that really mean? While the following list is not exhaustive, it provides a short summary of things that we believe to be true. At the bottom of the page are the Scripture references for each of the following points. 

  1. The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God.
  2. There is one God eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. The Lord Jesus Christ is central to all – we believe in His deity, virgin birth, sinless life, impeccability, wonderful miracles, atoning death, physical resurrection, ascension to heaven, and future return.
  4. God created each person with an eternal soul that will exist forever, either in heaven or the lake of fire.
  5. Everyone has sinned personally, and falls short of God’s glory.
  6. People must be saved by experiencing the new birth, if they want their sins forgiven and entrance into God’s kingdom.
  7. People are saved by faith in Christ and through the work of the Holy Spirit, not through religion, merit, or human effort.
  8. The Holy Spirit indwells all believers, enabling them to live godly and fruitful lives.
  9. God wants us to worship and glorify Him.
  10. Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to preach the gospel, baptize believers, and teach them to observe all that He commands.
  11. The Church is the entity which God purchased with the blood of His own Son, and which Christ loves, nourishes, and cherishes.  Christ is building His Church today and is giving it spiritual gifts.
  12. There are many local churches, consisting of believers who gather unto the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and practice the teachings of the New Testament.

We believe in many other Bible truths, and we give you a warm welcome to come visit us and learn more. Or contact us with any questions you may have.

Bible references to support the above statements:

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