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Faith's Firm Foundation

With fall quickly approaching we are all reminded daily of the beauty of large, strong trees. However, what few of us see as we drive down the highway are the roots that form the foundation for that tree. This sermon series is an attempt to take us back to the most important truths that form the very foundation for our Christian life. Charles Spurgeon said “The most important daily habit we can possess is to remind ourselves of the Gospel.”

Over the next 14 weeks we will seek to re-examine the timeless truths of the Gospel. The church in Ephesus was accused of forsaking its first love. Our desire in studying these truths is that we would continually be drawn in awe and wonder to the feet of the cross, praising Christ for his wonderful work, and living joyfully in satisfaction with him and all he has done. 

Week 1 - Introduction

Andrew Ussher introduced the series and gave a brief preview of each of the 11 messages that will follow. You can download the powerpoint or message by clicking on the links below. 

Powerpoint                                           Audio

Week 2 - God and His glory

Paul Ussher commenced the first teaching session of the series by examining the vast topic of God and His Glory. He spoke on how God is not only the source, and the means of the gospel, but God is also its ultimate purpose. To sound the note of the great reformers, "Glory to God alone". The audio and PowerPoint are available below.

Powerpoint                                     Audio

Week 3 - Man, God's crowning creature and his CATASTROPHIC fall

Peter Lansing continued our series by taking a look at man. We looked for an answer to the question, Who am I? We found the answer to that question in looking at man from God's perspective. Peter showed us why this is the most important perspective, as well as the implications of it for our identity and our interactions. You can listen or download below. 

PowerPoint                                      Audio 


Michael DaSilva Jr. proceeded the series by revealing to us our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Word of God . In a 7 point message, we considered the Historical Evidence of Jesus, His Deity and Humanity, His Sinlessness, The Ultimate Revelation from God, His Cross work and its Power, His Resurrection and His Present Work. You can download below. 

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 5 - Salvation and its scope

Peter Lansing continued the series by examining the amazing salvation we have through our Lord Jesus Christ. He quoted Charles C. Ryrie who said "The doctrine of salvation must be the grandest theme in the Scriptures. It embraces all of time as well as eternity past and future. It is the theme of both the Old and New Testaments. It is personal, national, and cosmic. And it centers on the greatest Person, our Lord Jesus Christ." This message can be streamed or downloaded below.

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 6 - justification and the removal of guilt

This week Sam Moore spoke on the topic of justification, and the removal of guilt. “One of the most beautiful things about the truth of justification is that it is based completely on God and his son Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with us. We could never earn his love, his favour, or the ability to delight in Him. We have been made to be righteous through the work of our Saviour Jesus Christ and we now have full access into the presence of God. What a privilege and what wondrous grace. Let us never forget the amazing blessing that we have been brought into!” This message can be streamed or downloaded below.

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 7 - Adoption and the removal of shame

Samuel Moore continued this week by taking up the amazing truth of adoption. Understanding the truth of adoption changes the way we view God and our relationship with him. God takes the judges robe off and steps down as our loving Father. He welcomes us into his family, calls us sons and daughters and gives us a new Spirit by which we can cry Abba Father. He longs for our joy and growth as a father would long for the same in his new born child. There is no love or intimacy that we could ever experience on this earth that would ever compare. We are forced to ask ourselves the question “What kind of love is this that we would be called sons of God?” this message can be streamed or downloaded below.

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 8 - redemption and the removal of bondage

This week Bryan Joyce shared with us what the Bible teaches about redemption and how it enables us to live a life of freedom in Christ, and thus fulfill his purposes. This message can be downloaded or streamed below. 

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 9 - Sanctification and the removal of sin

It is not only amazing that God has justified us permanently but also that he desires to continue to work in us to make us more like his son. Bryan took us through Romans 6 and described to us the process of sanctification, what it means for us and what it means for God. Sanctification teaches us that we are set apart from sin unto God, he wants us to live holy lives unto himself. This message can be streamed or downloaded below.

PowerPoint                                       Audio

WEEK 10 - Restoration and the ethic of repentance 

This Wednesday our brother Vince Giraldi continued the series by dealing with the topic of Repentance. "The Christian life needs to be saturated with repentance which is a gift from God. At the very most you will feel bad and have remorse and regret your sin, but to seek him, to be humbled in your heart and to repent is the work of the Spirit.” This message can be downloaded and streamed below.

PowerPoint                                   Audio

Week 11 - The Global scope of the gospel

Despite what it may appear the world is not out of control. God is at work and he is firmly in control. While we appreciate the way that God is in control and at work in our individual lives, this message looks at how he does much more than that. God's plan spans across all of history and reaches out into the future. Mike Jr. led us through a discussion of how God's plan has unfolded throughout history and how it will unfold into the future. 

PowerPoint                                         Audio

WEEK 12 - Christian living and the gospel's impact on our everyday lives

The Gospel is not just a message concerning our eternal destinies, but it deals with so much more. Tonight we learned about how this wonderful message should permeate through every part of our lives, transforming us into Christ's image, bringing us into his family, and displaying him through us. This message can be downloaded and streamed below.

PowerPoint                                         Audio

WEEK 13+14 - question and answer part 1 and 2

Throughout the Faith's Firm Foundation Series, a few of people still had questions concerning a number of the topics that were taught. During this meeting Vince Giraldi, Peter Lansing, Andrew Ussher, Sam Moore, and Michael DaSilva Jr. sat at the front and gave scriptural answers. The questions and answers were divided into 2 meetings with a short conclusion at the end of part 2, they can be downloaded below.

Questions Sheet                                      Audio 1                                      Audio 2