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Thoughts on Christmas

The Christmas season is a time of year where the majority of the world at least admits that around 2000 years ago Jesus Christ was born. As Christians, it is a great time for us to pause and reflect of the wonderful reality that our Saviour came into our world, as well as look forward to the great truth that he is coming again. I know many will have interesting thoughts and truths that they will appreciate over this holiday season but here are a few that I was struck with the other day.

Time Together 

The thing that makes Christmas for many people is a time of being together with family. The images of sitting around a fire, laughing, talking, and enjoying one another’s company are what many think of at this time of year. For my family our time is often spent travelling to a vacation spot for a time of relaxation and rest. What is remarkable to me is that at a time when we most enjoy and appreciate comfort and company, we can think of our loving Saviour. He came into this world, not to a warm fireside, or even to a comfortable hotel room.  Rather, the King of kings, and Lord of lords, was wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. There was no room found for him in the inn. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t enjoy the comfort and joy around the season, nor am I even suggesting that you should feel guilty while doing so. What I am suggesting is that while we enjoy whatever this Christmas season might bring to us, let us just pause for a moment to think of how that Jesus Christ was born outside, in a dirty, uncomfortable, and unwelcome environment.