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Chapter 4

1 Timothy has been an excellent study so far and there has been much for us to learn. We have been challenged both individually and collectively. Michael Da Silva Jr. continued to lead us through this book as we tackled chapter 4. You're encouraged to read the summary below, view the outline, and try to answer the questions before listening to the sermon. This will maximize your attention to the message and ultimately it will maximize the amount you are able to take in. There will be another question and answer session following chapter 6 therefore if you have any questions you can submit them here

To download the message click here.



1) To learn what we can about the apostasy foretold by the Spirit

2) To see what sort of things will make one a good minister of Jesus Christ




Paul begins this chapter with describing how the Spirit has revealed that in latter times there would be an apostasy in which some would depart from the faith. This falling away would come about as people gave heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, leading to their speaking lies in hypocrisy and searing their consciences as with a hot iron.  Examples of their false doctrines are given:  forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from certain foods.  Regarding the latter, Paul makes it clear that all foods are acceptable if they be received with thanksgiving, for they are sanctified by the word of God and prayer (1-5).


In the last half of this chapter, we find Paul instructing Timothy on how he can be a good minister of Jesus Christ.  By instructing the brethren in matters pertaining to sound doctrine, he will also be nourished himself.  But he should also be careful to avoid foolish fables, and rather exercise himself to godliness, which is of more enduring value than bodily exercise (6-10).


Though Timothy is young, he should not let anyone despise him for his youth.  Instead he must demonstrate the proper example of how a believer should speak and live.  With further instruction as to what things to give attention, Paul encourages Timothy that by following these admonitions his progress will be evident to all, and he will save both himself and those who hear him (11-16).


Michael also prepared an outline of the chapter which can be downloaded by clicking here.



1) What are the main points of this chapter?

2) What did the Spirit reveal would happen in latter times? (1)

3) What would such people give heed to? (1)  

4) What would they speak?  Why? (2)

5) List two examples of the sort of doctrines they would teach (3)

6) What foods are acceptable for Christians to eat?  What makes them acceptable? (4-5)

7) What would ensure that Timothy would be a good minister of Jesus Christ? (6)

8) As a good minister, in what would he be nourished? (6)

9) What was Timothy to reject?  Unto what was he to exercise himself? (7)

10) What is the value of godliness? (8)

11) What was Timothy not to let anyone despise? (12)

12) In what areas was Timothy to be an example to the believers? (12)

13) To what three things was Timothy to give attention? (13)

14) What was Timothy not to neglect?  How was it given to him? (14)

15) How could Timothy ensure that his progress would be evident to all? (15)

16) How could Timothy save both himself and those who heard him? (16)